WMC Heritage Society

Newly renovated Rembert House on the campus of McDaniel College. illustration

The WMC Heritage Society of the Alumni Council is responsible for engaging alumni in the life of the College, supporting Academic Programming through funding and mentorship, endowing funds to support the preservation of campus historic buildings and student scholarships and supporting College events, especially those that celebrate the history and traditions of the College.

The WMC Heritage Society motto is "Honor the past and embrace the future."

Society Information

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The WMC Heritage Society provides a way for alumni to honor the heritage of the College and serves to educate current and future students, parents, faculty and administrators on the traditions and history of the College.

The WMC Heritage Society meets to review ongoing initiatives and determine priorities for the year.

WMC Heritage Society Information

The Society has been integral in the publication and video recording of the College History Fearless and Bold: A History of McDaniel College, 1866-2002, the book-signing tour with author Dr. James E. Lightner '59, and the restoration of the oldest building on campus and original home of College Founder Fayette Buell, now named Rembert House.

The Society has also fully endowed the WMC Heritage Society Scholarship, partially funded through the sales of Fearless and Bold. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student, who through their campus and community involvement, exemplifies the mission of the WMC Heritage Society to honor the past and embrace the future by preserving the history and traditions of the College.

Committee Members

Society Members

Chair Don Rembert '61
Board Term: July 1, 2006 - present
Alumni College Service Award - 2016

Committee Members:

Corynne Courpas '76 (Vice Chair) (Alumni College Service Award - 2014)
Debi Lanius Cameron '75 (Alumni College Service Award - 1990)
Fred Dilkes '61 (Green Terror Sports Hall of Fame Inductee - 1998)
Barbara Horst Fringer '61
Jack Fringer '60
Ralph Frith '84 (Alumni College Service Award - 2007)
Robert Gagnon '84 (Alumni Professional Achievement Award - 2010)
Otto Guenther '63 (Trustee Alumni Award - 1996, Alumni Community Service Award - 2013)
Don Hobart '62 (Alumni College Service Award - 2013, Alumnus of the Year - 2016)
James Lightner '59 (Alumni College Service Award - 1984, Alumnus of the Year - 1998, Trustee Alumni Award - 2002)
Sylvia Scott Lukemire '61
Sherry Fischer Manning '65 (Green Terror Sports Hall of Fame Inductee - 1992, Alumni Professional Achievement Award - 2004)
Beverly Schott Myers '60
Jonathan Myers '61
Lynn Keigler Pforr '73
Judith Ellis Rembert '60
Carolyn Seaman Scott '67 (Alumni College Service Award - 1987, Alumna of the Year - 1997)
Sally Stanfield '78 (Green Terror Sports Hall of Fame Inductee - 1998)
Don Tankersley '57 (Alumni College Service Award - 1983)
Rhea Ireland Wiles '61
Tony Wiles '61
Pat Welk Wolf '60
Carroll "Splinter" Yingling '68
Pamela Zappardino '71 (Alumni College Service Award - 2006, Alumna of the Year - 2007)