Full-Time Administrative Benefits

(Complete benefit information is contained in the College Administrative Handbook)
McDaniel College offers a comprehensive benefit package for all full-time employees.

- 20 days vacation per fiscal year. Leave benefits are pro-rated for the first year of service. We also provide paid holiday leave which includes the standard holidays (Labor Day, 4th of July, etc.) as well as the weekdays between Christmas and New Year's Day.

- 20 days of sick leave per fiscal year

  • first year of service-- twenty days
  • second year of service-- forty days
  • third year of service-- sixty days
  • fourth year of service -- eighty days
  • fifth year of service-- one-hundred days
  • sixth year of service-- one-hundred twenty days maximum

- Extended Sick Leave Coverage (Advanced Sick Leave Pay) - Sick leave may be advanced to the employee up to a maximum of 60 working days per determination. Pay back shall be made at the rate it is earned. Employees separating from employment prior to full pay-back must reimburse the College for the balance of the advance sick leave taken.

- Maternity Leave - Birth mothers who are eligible for full-time benefits may schedule six weeks of paid Maternity Leave for recovery from child bearing. In instances of documented medical necessity, additional leave is available as described in the Sick Leave policy. Up to three weeks of the paid Maternity Leave can be used immediately prior to the anticipated date of birth at the discretion of the birth mother, but maternity leave may start no later than the actual date of birth. Employees must notify their supervisor sixty days in advance of scheduling Maternity Leave to allow for adequate planning. Paid Maternity Leave is counted toward the employee’s 12 weeks of FMLA leave. Additional paid Parental Leave is available. Nothing in the Maternity Leave policy shall diminish any of the rights and benefits provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

- Parental Leave - In the twelve months after the birth of a child or the adoption of a child under six years of age, an employee eligible for full-time benefits who has at least one year of continuous service, and who is the primary caregiver* of the child, may schedule nine consecutive weeks of paid Parental Leave. If the primary caregiver is the birth mother, Parental Leave immediately follows the Maternity Leave. Employees must notify their supervisors sixty days in advance of scheduling Parental Leave to allow for adequate planning.

- Carefirst BC/BS group insurance is effective the first of the month following the effective date of employment and includes the choice of 3 medical plans, dental, vision and flex spending accounts.

- Life insurance (1 and 1/2 times annual base salary rounded up to the nearest $1,000, to a maximum of $100,000) is effective the first day of employment and is paid for in full by the College.

- The College offers a Long-Term Disability plan which also has a 2 year waiting period. The waiting period may be waived under special circumstances. McDaniel College pays a large part of the premium.

- The College offers three voluntary direct payment programs to regular employees through AFLAC. The Personal Cancer Protection Plan, the Personal Recovery Plus Plan and the Personal Accident Expense Plan offer financial assistance through reimbursement for expenses associated with various diseases.

- Regular TIAA/CREF retirement annuity plans are available to regular full- time administrative staff personnel upon completion of two years of continuous full-time service. Completion of the preliminary service period is not required of a new employee who was employed for two years at a non-profit employer. Participation in the plan is required of all eligible employees. The College contributes 5% of base pay. The employee may contribute an optional 1% to 5% under a salary reduction agreement, and the College matches this contribution (For example, if an employee contributes 5%, the College's total contribution is 10%).

- Supplemental retirement annuity plans (SRA) are available to regular employees immediately upon hire.  The plan allows participants to make tax-sheltered contributions to a retirement account by means of a salary reduction agreement. Investment and annuity options available to supplemental account holders are the same as those available to regular plan participants.

- After 90 days of regular, full time employment, employees and spouses can take classes here, tuition paid in full. There are tuition benefits available for eligible children (born to or legally adopted by the employee) after 2 years of regular, full time employment at McDaniel College. After 5 years of service to the college, regular full time employee's children may receive a tuition grant or participate in the tuition exchange program.

- McDaniel College provides benefits for same sex partners. Contact the Office of Human Resources regarding registration for benefits and IRS taxation information.

Additional information regarding employee benefits will be provided during orientation for new employees.

McDaniel College is an AA/EOE institution and welcomes applications from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity.