Equal Opportunity Statement


McDaniel College, in compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations governing affirmative action and non-discrimination does not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, and employment of students, faculty, and staff in the operation of any of its education programs and activities as defined by law. Accordingly, nothing in this publication should be viewed as directly or indirectly expressing any limitation, specification or discrimination as to age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation [homosexual, heterosexual or bi-sexual] or veteran status. While persons identifying as transgender and transsexual are not covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act by Maryland Code 54, McDaniel College supports all 49B diversity in all aspects. 

Any inquiries regarding the above may be directed to Jennifer Glennon, Director of Human Resources, at jglennon@mcdaniel.edu or 410.857.2205

Campus Sexual Harassment Advisors are as follows :

Associate Professor Spencer Hamblen, x2471

Associate Professor Julia Jasken, x2431

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the Wellness Center
Susan Glore,  x2243

Director of Human Resources Jenni Glennon, x2205