Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees

All tuition money must be paid by the first day of class. Make your Graduate Payment Online.

Graduate Tuition $475 per credit beginning Fall 2016
Counselor Education Tuition $535 per credit beginning Fall 2016
New Cohort Tuition - through school district partnership $1,225 per 3 credit course (effective Fall 2016).
(New cohorts will receive a variable tuition rate that will be discounted $200 from the full tuition rate for a three credit course.)
Cohort Tuition - existing
school district cohorts
Continue at previously established contracted rate through the completion of the program.
Cohort - HRD per 3 credit course $1,425 for the 2016-2017 academic year.
Cohort Tuition - Counselor Ed. per 3 credit course $1,605 for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • Should you drop a class after the start the tuition will be PRORATED according to the college policy on Refunds/Forfeitures.  You must drop the class prior to the first class to avoid any tuition forfeiture fees. Not attending a class does not constitute a drop.
  • A Graduate Application fee of $75 is due with the Application for Graduate Study when the student enrolls in the first course at McDaniel College. McDaniel alumni are exempt from the $75 Graduate Application fee.
  • A late registration fee of $35 will be charged to those graduate students completing their registration on or after the first day of class.
  • Accepted methods of payment include check, cash, money order, wire transfer or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover).

Other Graduate Fees

Application Fee: $75 (McDaniel alumni are exempt)
Comprehensive Exam: $150.00 due ten (10) days prior to exam
Administrative Fee: $75 per semester
Late Payment Fee: $50
Student Teaching Fees: $750.00
Transcript Fee: $8.00

Tuition Contract Payment Plan

For the convenience of Graduate students desiring monthly payment arrangements, the McDaniel College Tuition Contract is available. The Graduate Tuition Contract allows individuals to contract for all or part of the expenses for the semester. A nonrefundable contract fee is required upon application. The contract is renewed each semester.

Graduate Refunds / Forfeiture

It is assumed a student will not withdraw from the College during a semester. The official date of withdrawal is determined by the Registrar's office. Contact the Registrar's office or the Office of Graduate Affairs for an Add/Drop form. FAILURE TO ATTEND CLASSES OR TO PAY A BILLING STATEMENT BY THE DUE DATE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL.

At any point after the start of the course, the following refund policy will prevail for normal format courses and will be prorated for special format courses or workshops:

Tuition Refund / Forfeiture Policy

% of Class Elapsed = % Refunded

  • 7% = 80%
  • 13% = 60%
  • 20% = 40%
  • 27% = 20%
  • Over 27% = No Refund

Tuition Refund / Forfeiture Policy for ONLINE CLASSES ONLY

All registration processing fees will be forfeited if a student withdraws at any point after the start of the course. The following refund policy will prevail for Online format courses and will be prorated for special format courses or workshops:

Weeks elapsed = % Refunded (ONLINE CLASSES ONLY)

  • Week one-two = 75%
  • Week three-four = 50%
  • Week five-six = 25%
  • Week seven-eight = 0%

Financial Obligation

Financial obligations must be met in order for students to be permitted to enter class, enroll in a subsequent course, graduate, or request transcripts.  Students who have not fulfilled payment obligations will be blocked from future registrations until payment obligations are met.  Additionally, the student is responsible for attorney's fees and other costs necessary for the collect of any amount due.