M.S. in Elementary Education

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Applicants for fall 2017
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Applicants for 2018 and beyond
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Certified teachers looking to expand their skill-set and earn a master’s degree can find what they’re looking for in the M.S. in Elementary Education. The 31-33-credit program offers the opportunity to work with the program coordinator to self-design an academic plan in Elementary Education that meets your individual professional needs. This program does not lead to initial teacher certification.


If you’re an elementary-level certified teacher and have an interest in becoming a Mathematics Instructional Leader or Specialist, you can tailor your M.S. in Elementary Ed. to include our Elementary Math Instructional Leader (EMIL) program. By doing so, you can earn certification as a Mathematics Instructional Leader (grades PreK-6) and earn your M.S. in Elementary Ed. simultaneously.  Learn more about the EMIL program.

Key Features of the Elementary Ed. program include:

• Customize your academic plan.
• Take courses in assessment, curriculum, instruction, technology and research.
• Choose to take a comprehensive exam or write a thesis.
• Become a certified Mathematics Instructional Leader – through the EMIL option.

Why McDaniel

• Balances full-time faculty with adjunct instructors who draw course content from best practices in the classroom.

• Offers convenient schedules to fit your busy schedule.

• Combine your degree with EMIL certification.

• Highly competitive tuition.

Admissions Requirements

• Completed application for graduate study

• Submit the non-refundable application fee

• Official transcripts verifying completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75

Two letters of recommendation

Note: Candidates should schedule a meeting with the program coordinator upon admission to develop an individual Program of Study plan. The plan will include, but not be limited to, courses in assessment, curriculum, instruction, technology and research. The program requires a capstone experience of the candidate's choice; either comprehensive examination or thesis.

Degree Requirements

• Minimum 3.00 G.P.A., limit one course grade of “C”

• Successful completion of a comprehensive exam or thesis


Candidates should schedule a meeting with the program coordinator upon initial admission to develop their individual program of study. The program of study will likely include but not be limited to courses in assessment, curriculum, instruction, technology, and research. The program requires a capstone experience of the candidate’s choice; either comprehensive examination or thesis.

McDaniel also offers the Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader program for interested candidates.



Dr. Daria Buese

 Dr. Daria Buese, Program Coordinator

Career Opportunities for Graduates

• The Elementary Ed. Program prepares certified teachers to more effectively manage their classroom and refines key teaching and assessments skills.

• Those pursuing the EMIL track can become certified as a Mathematics Instructional Leader opening the door to opportunities such as: Math Instructional Leaders or Specialists at the elementary level.

Important Dates

Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year but the College recommends that students submit their applications and supporting materials well in advance of the start of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Recommended Application Filing Dates:
Fall Semester – by or before August 1
Spring Semester - by or before December 15
Summer Session - by or before May 1

These filing dates are after the opening of registration for those semesters so students wishing to have the greatest choice of courses should submit their applications earlier.


1. How do I apply? 
Visit the How to Apply page for application procedures and forms.

2. Does this program lead to initial teaching certification?
No, those interested in initial teaching certification should see our BEST Elementary initial teaching certification program.

3. I am a certified teacher… can I take the EMIL program without taking the full M.S. in Elementary Education program?
Yes. Certified elementary level teachers can take the EMIL program as a standalone certification program. The credits from the EMIL program count toward the M.S. in Elementary Ed. program should you later choose to pursue the full M.S. program.

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