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Mathematics professor Ben Steinhurst and students.

The intersection of hyperbolic geometry and crochet provided that incredible “aha” moment for every one of Mathematics professor Ben Steinhurst’s 10 students.

They touch it. They experience it. They get it – they really do.

These students — mostly Mathematics majors with a few majoring in Physics, Biochemistry and Environmental Studies  — have joined the legions of students before them in finally understanding hyperbolic geometry. One of the ways to distinguish hyperbolic geometry from Euclidian geometry is that unlike Euclidian geometry where the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, in hyperbolic geometry the sum of the angles is always less than 180 degrees. MORE »

Senior Meghan Sturgill checks the floating arenas she and junior Josh Viar designed to study the ecological role of dragonfly larvae in ponds for their student-faculty research project.

Research lands Biology students on a professional stage. MORE »

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