Alumna accepted into leadership program of Constitution society

McDaniel College Alumna Felicia Donelson grad from Howard law School accepted into Next Generation leaders Program of the American Constitution Society
September 11, 2012

Felicia Donelson’s dream job is to be mayor of D.C., and the recent Howard law school grad is already taking steps to see her dream become a reality.

“I was born and raised here and have so many visions for the city,” says Donelson, who graduated from McDaniel in 2005 and also earned a master’s degree in Justice, Law and Society at American University. “There are few natives here, and that bothers me.”

Count Donelson among the natives planning to stay, but not to practice law in a city where everyone, she says, has a law degree.

In fact, she’s meticulously planned the details of her education to be what she calls a “hybrid, with a lot of different skill sets,” and recently was accepted into the prestigious Next Generation Leaders program of the American Constitution Society (ACS) for law and policy.

“My legal skills transfer – I could teach, start my own business, run a non-profit and possibly go into politics,” she says, adding that she’s considering running for the neighborhood advisory council. 

Donelson has just begun looking for a first stop in her career. But she is looking with confidence, since her McDaniel degree in Political Science, her master’s in legal theory and public policy and her law degree make her a versatile candidate for a variety of positions.

Her professors have no doubt she will continue to succeed.

“From the first day in class, I knew this woman was going to go far. She was so energized, ready, willing and able to get to work. She was not going to sit by and just go to college, she was going to make a difference: in her classes, in the college community, in the world!” says a beaming Christianna Leahy, a professor of Political Science and International Studies at McDaniel. “We are all so proud of her but not the least bit surprised.”

And now Donelson adds her acceptance into the ACS Next Generation Leaders program. One of the society’s priorities is to build networks and nurture “the next generation of progressive lawyers, judges, policy experts, legislators and academics.” ACS also “brings together some of the nation’s best legal minds to articulate a progressive vision of our Constitution and laws” while standing on the belief that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people.

“Being part of the Next Generation Leaders program is an honor and an opportunity,” Donelson says. “Its giant support system can help me enhance my skills and also my ability to navigate the water in politics. Plus I can be a part of improving people’s lives through debate and examination of contemporary issues that affect their lives, such as immigration, gay marriage, workplace and environmental regulations and more.

“Next Generation Leaders puts me on the forefront of what is happening in not just my profession but my generation and our nation as well.”

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