Annual Faculty Art Show draws on many inspirations

November 10, 2008

With inspiration ranging from springtime in Budapest to 1980s Superman comic books to Chinese-style paintings, a multimedia show of artwork will be on display for the Fourth Biennial McDaniel College Faculty Art Show, Nov. 18-Dec. 5, on campus in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.

For more information and gallery hours, call 410-857-2595. The show is free and open to the public. An opening reception will be held Nov. 18 from 7-9 p.m.

The exhibit, presented by the college’s Department of Art & Art History, will feature work from Susan Ruddick Bloom, Walter P. Calahan, Emily Grey, Ken Hankins, Trudi Ludwig Johnson, Michael Losch, Katya Dovghan Mychajlyshyn, Steven Pearson, Susan Clare Scott, Richard Stanley, and Linda Van Hart.

Professor Susan Ruddick Bloom, who will show three pieces of digital fine art photography, said her “digital collaging works are centered around the concept of Venus and idealized beauty.”

Walter P. Calahan, an adjunct lecturer, will show three pieces of photography that are “an exploration of time and movement within an image. The three images use rodeo bull riding as a jump off point for what our mind can and cannot perceive. This raises the question is the frozen moment captured in most photography more real or more abstract than the continuum of reality?”

Emily Grey, an adjunct lecturer in Art History, will show several pieces of woodblock print.

Ken Hankins, who has taught pottery for three decades, will show eight pieces of functional home-use vessels and high-fired stoneware.

Trudi Ludwig Johnson, an adjunct lecturer, will show two Intaglio prints. “Commenting and poking fun at the foibles of our consumer-driven society, using human figures ensnared in snatches of information scraped off the surface of everyday life.”

Associate Professor Michael Losch will show two pieces of mixed media.

Lecturer Katya Dovghan Mychajlyshyn will show a half dozen pieces of watercolors and drawings, and one sculpture portrait. “Portraiture, human form, still lives and landscapes – these art forms have been my major field of interest that I develop in and out of the
classroom. Eternal beauty of nature and human beings is an endless source of wonder and inspiration for me. In the challenging times they give calm, purpose and balance.”

Associate Professor Steven Pearson will show one or two pieces of acrylic on Birch. “I am working within the restrictions of birch plywood, allowing the wood grain to provide the lines and shapes of the composition. I try not to alter the pattern of the grain, but instead use color to activate and alter the perceived composition of the wood grain, by using harmonies
and contrasts to minimize and accentuate particular areas. To keep the colors from becoming too predictable I have started using 1980s ‘Superman’ comic book covers as the source of my palettes. I chose the 80s, the time of my teenage years and military service, because good and evil were still being described to us in Black and White. The Cold War was still in progress, and we had a clearly defined enemy. Comics were drawn and written in those terms as well, and the colors were saturated and vibrant.”

Associate Professor Susan Clare Scott will show two pieces of Chinese-style watercolor and ink paintings. “I hope to have two paintings ready to hang. They will be mounted on hanging scroll formats, vertically oriented. The themes are landscape painting, in Chinese ink and water color.”

Richard Stanley, an adjunct lecturer, will show three pieces of graphic design. “I will exhibit three trademarks that all use an animal/bird theme. One is for MerryGoRound, a teenage clothing store, one for the Ramsey County Humane Society, and one for Life, an educational program for seniors. These three marks were all designed in the 1970-80s, before computers. Each was hand drawn using pen and ink. My intention was to visually portray human values (playfulness, compassion, aspiration) using non-human figures as surrogates.”

Lecturer Linda Van Hart will show about a half dozen watercolor and collage. “All of these works were inspired by my spring semester at our Budapest Campus. While there, I taught Watercolor, and a new Special Topics class designed for that experience called Mixed Media Collage: Visual Poetry. It was so successful that I will be offering it this spring as a Special Topics class main campus. The work was done in concert with my students so they could see each process first hand. These works explore the themes of Sense of Self and Sense of Place: redefining each outside the parameters of familiar family, friends, home, language and customs.”

"Batman, Robin, Joker, Harlequin" by Steven Pearson