College launches Teagle Diversity Scholars Program

March 01, 2010

McDaniel College has launched the Teagle Diversity Scholars Program, a student-faculty research initiative aimed at enhancing diversity initiatives inside and outside the classroom.

As part of a five-college collaborative that includes Ursinus, Washington and Jefferson, Washington and Goucher colleges, McDaniel has been awarded a grant through the Teagle  Foundation to support a three-year project to improve student learning and engagement, as well as to assess and enhance diversity initiatives.

“This program will allow us to fund a student-faculty research collaboration,” said Gretchen McKay, assistant to the president for special projects and director of the Center for Faculty Excellence. “The funding from this Teagle grant will also help us learn more about the diversity issues at McDaniel.”

Rising juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the Teagle Diversity Scholars. The first Teagle Diversity Scholars are expected to be named by early spring.

Through the Teagle Diversity Scholars Program, a cohort of students will conduct independent research in diversity issues under the mentorship of faculty for eight weeks in the summer. Research must be conducted in the following areas as they pertain to diversity in higher education: Access and Equity, Diversity in the Formal and Informal Curriculum, Campus Climate, and Student Learning and Development.

Teagle Diversity Scholars will present their findings at the Annual Summer Research Symposium at Ursinus College in late July. The research conducted during the summer may result in a proposal for a diversity-related policy or program to begin at McDaniel College the following academic year.

“Student-faculty collaboration is an important part of McDaniel College and increasing opportunities for such projects will be part of the focus under our new strategic plan,” McKay said.

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