Dining Hall scheduled for facelift

November 23, 2010

Englar Dining Hall – dubbed Glar by students decades ago – will undergo a major facelift this December, one that students have enthusiastically supported in reviewing architectural plans and color palette and helping to sample and choose furniture.

“I definitely feel like I had a part in the decision making,” said junior Rachel Walega. “It was fun to envision what Glar is going to look like and to know that maybe I cast the deciding vote. I tried to pick a chair that was comfortable but supportive.”

By mid-February when the campus dining room is scheduled to reopen, it will provide a contemporary space that offers students diverse seating areas ranging from intimate café-style to high-top tables to bench seating and overstuffed chairs with tablet-style tops that give students a place to gather, eat and study.

Sophomores Christen Brown, Juliana Broussard and Kristin Biel marked ballots for new seating in a soon-to-be renovated Englar Dining Hall.

Sophomore Christen Brown eagerly voted for her top choices in seats.

“I was glad that we got the chance to be a part in the decision making of which chairs will be put in Glar,” Brown said. “The majority of the chairs were really comfortable, and I hope the best one wins.”

The plans call for raising the ceiling and extending the windows to maximize natural lighting along with adding a variety of new energy-efficient lighting to ensure a more inviting common area for students. While seating capacity will remain the same, added signage, a consolidated beverage line, and a built-in pantry for cereal and desserts will be improved features. The tray slides will be removed, as earth-friendly tray-less dining is now the norm.

“Even when we have informed students that this project will extend into second semester a few weeks, and cause some inconvenience in providing them the usual food service, every student has cheered us on,” says President Roger Casey.

Designed by Marshall Craft, whose most recent project at McDaniel includes the Merritt Fitness Center and Klitzberg Pavilion in Gill Center, Englar was last renovated 15 years ago.

Some of the chairs students tested before casting their ballots.