Faculty achievements

March 24, 2008

McDaniel professors have recently published books, won grants and fellowships and presented papers at national conferences.

Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Greg Alles published “Friedrich Max Müller” in Encyclopedia Britannica (www.britannica.com/eb/article-9054223/Max-Muller).  Additionally, Alles was named co-chair of the program unit on Innovations for the Quinquennial Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions in 2010.

Music Lecturer Tim Anderson gave the pre-concert lectures for the Lancaster (Pa.) Symphony Series in February on "Soundscapes of Grieg and Sibelius."

Music Professor Margie Boudreaux was invited to join the Higher Education in the Arts Task Force, which supports music education initiatives collaboratively developed by state and non-profit educational entities. Boudreaux had served for three years as President of the Colleges and Universities component of the Maryland Music Educators Association.

Associate Professor of Education Sharon Craig won a $105,405 grant from the Maryland Higher Education Commission for the "Mentoring Young Writers Project," a professional development program that partners McDaniel’s Education and English departments with Deer Park and Franklin Elementary Schools in Baltimore County and Sandymount Elementary School in Carroll County.

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Mohamed Esa completed two years of service on the Fulbright German Studies Seminar Peer Review Committee of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, which administer the Fulbright Scholar Program for College faculty and professionals.

Education Lecturer Rebecca Gibson is a finalist in the International Reading Association's Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award for her 2008 dissertation “The Effects of Parent-Led Reading-Alouds of Nonfiction Books on First-Graders’ Vocabulary Acquisition and Motivation to Read.”

Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy and Science Kevin Harrison was a guest on National Public Radio’s Marc Steiner Show at WYPR-Baltimore with two other panelists for a discussion of Google’s renewable energy initiatives.

Assistant Professor of English Julia Jasken presented a podcast on "Don't Go Chasing the Experts: Classroom Collaboration and 'The Wisdom of Crowds'" at the Computers and Writing Online Conference in February at the University of Wisconsin.

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies Debora Johnson-Ross, with colleague Christopher Molem from the University of Buea in Cameroon, published “The Unsettled Farmer Grazier Conflict in the Cameroon Grasslands: Interrogating Women’s Access to Land and Land Tenure Practice” in a special issue of Asian Women Journal.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy and Science Hali Kilbourne co-led a session titled “Beyond Global Mean Temperature: Understanding Synoptic Patterns of Climate Change in the Past Millennium" in December at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Economics and Business faculty members Don Lavin and Susan Milstein wrote a test for Gross Mendelsohn, P.A., a CPA firm in Baltimore.  The test, which contains about 70-80 questions on financial accounting, auditing, and individual and partnership and corporate taxation, is geared to recent accounting graduates and will be piloted with a test group of McDaniel accounting seniors.

Associate Professor of Psychology Stephanie Madsen, with colleagues from Brigham Young University and Loyola College of MD, published two articles: “Generation XXX: Pornography acceptance and use among emerging adults” in Journal of Adolescent Research, and  “If you want me to treat you like an adult, start acting like one!” in Journal of Family Psychology. The data include participants from around the country, including McDaniel students.

Associate Professor of Economics and Business Kevin McIntyre responded to reader’s questions about the economy in a feature piece in The Baltimore Sun on January 23, 2008. He also appeared on WJZ-TV and other media outlets discussing the recent economic downturn.

Education faculty members Janet Medina and Victoria Russell won a $25,000 grant from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to develop a dual certification in secondary general education and special education, part of a five-year bridging program to increase the number of special educators and improve the performance of students with disabilities.  Medina was invited to be a part of a workgroup for MSDE to develop performance assessments for secondary content area general educators who instruct all students, including those with disabilities.

Associate Professor of History Paul Miller received a year-long fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for 2009 to support research for a book project titled "The Footprints of Gavrilo Princip:  June 28, 1914, in History and Memory."  Miller will work in archives and libraries in Austria and begin writing the manuscript.  Miller also won a Fulbright Occasional Lecturer grant to bring to McDaniel College on April 14 his long-time colleague, Professor Dubravko Lovrenovic, a medievalist at the University of Sarajevo and currently a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Chicago, to lecture on contemporary issues in Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Wendy Morris, with L. Pastore and L. Karns, published “Emotional reaction to Fragile X premutation carrier tests among infertile women” in Journal of Genetic Counseling.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Melanie Nilsson, with student Adam Trexler, published “The Formation of Amyloid Fibrils from Proteins in the Lysozyme Family” in Current Protein and Peptide Science 2007, 8.

English faculty members LeRoy Panek and Mary Bendel-Simso edited Early American Detective Stories (McFarland 2008), a collection of detective stories published in 19th century newspapers and magazines.

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History Steven Pearson has a new exhibit, "Heroes and Villains: New Paintings and Sculpture by Steven Pearson," at the Sub-Basement Artist Studios in Baltimore.

Hoover Library Director Michele Reid presented "Mobile Devices and Distance Learning: Remarks on Current Practice and Research" at the Association of College and Research Libraries Distance Learning Section, American Library Association Midwinter Conference in January.

Assistant Professor of Education Mark Rust received his Ph.D. in December from Capella University.

Associate Professor of Art and Art History Susan Scott presented a paper titled "Understanding Nature, the Monumental, and the Sacred in Landscape Painting of China and that of the Romantic West" and also chaired a session on Romanticism at the International Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, held in January at the University of Oxford.

Assistant Professor of Communication Jon Slade has been hired as writer/producer/editor by Maryland Public Television to "rescue" a half-hour documentary titled "Eatin' Crabs, Chesapeake Style," which premieres April 21.  Slade, who has won four Emmy awards for his work in children's television and documentary, rewrote and recut the more than 25 hours of footage

Visiting Assistant Professor Marilyn Kroger Smith, with McDaniel students Rader, L.H., Franklin, A.M., Taylor, E.V., Smith, K.D., and Smith, R.H., Tirado-Rives, J., and Jorgensen, W.L. published “Energetic  effects for observed and unobserved HIV-1 Reverse  Transcriptase Mutations of Residues L100, V106 and Y181 in the  presence of nevirapine and efavirenz” in Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

Visiting Associate Professor of Education Margaret Trader was named to the Maryland State Department of Education Teacher Staffing Expert Panel, representing Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA) institutions.  The panel will review data and recommend teacher shortage areas to be identified by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Assistant Professor of Communication Robert Trader has published a book called "Baby Talk," for parents interested in raising bilingual children.

Education Lecturer Lisa Twiss led a workshop on “Electronic Reflecting Using Windows Movie Maker” at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Conference in Las Vegas. The workshop focused on using Windows Movie Maker to encourage students and teachers to reflect using technology.

Assistant Professor of Communication Deb Vance published "Not just for consumers: An argument for depicting diverse beliefs on US Television" in Diversity and Mass Communication: Evidence of Impact.

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Elizabeth van den Berg was interviewed and photographed for a profile in the April edition of Washingtonian magazine.