Faculty awards recognize scholarly works

August 24, 2009

Eleven faculty received awards at the opening faculty meeting Aug. 18 for scholarly and creative works, and Professors Christianna Nichols Leahy, Pamela L. Regis and Senior Lecturer Steven “Bo” Eckard were honored with 25-year service awards.

Academic Provost Tom Falkner presented book awards to:

  • Susan Ruddick Bloom, professor of Art, for “Digital Painting in Photoshop” published by Focal Press, and
  • Robert J. Trader, assistant professor of Communication, co-author of “Baby Talk”, published in Japan.

Scholarly publications were presented to faculty who published five or more articles in recognized publications within a three-year period; several in collaboration with McDaniel undergraduate student researchers. These included the following faculty and subjects:

  • Lauren Dundes, associate professor of Sociology, on research topics ranging from incentives for success among East Asian students in U.S. to energy conversation strategies among American college students,
  • Stephanie D. Madsen, associate professor of Psychology, on young adult behaviors and parental relationships,
  • Shabbir M. Mian, associate professor of Physics, on nonlinear optics,
  • Wendy L. Morris, assistant professor of Psychology, on prejudice, stereotypes and nonconformity,
  • Sara B. Raley, assistant professor of Sociology, on time management relative to balancing work and family life, and
  • Jonathan F. Slade, associate professor of Communication, for column writing on a range of topics in a community newspaper.

Faculty Grants awards recognized:

  • Francis “Skip” Fennell, professor of Education and coordinator of the Graduate BEST and Elementary Education program, and
  • Mark M. Rust, associate professor of Education and coordinator of the Graduate Deaf Education program.

A special achievement award recognized Professor Leahy for her 25 years of service to Amnesty International. She has served four terms on its Board of Directors, as a delegate for the U.S. to the International Council Meeting; as an expert on Lusophone, Africa; and as an expert witness (pro bono) for an Asylum Case.

“She instills in her students a sense of outrage at the injustices in the world and has inspired hope for the future,” said Provost Falkner.

Leahy was also recognized for 25 years of service to the College. She was honored with the Distinguished Teaching Award at McDaniel in 1994 and has taught demanding courses on such wide-ranging topics as Comparative Politics of Western Europe, Communist and Post-Communist Political Systems: China and the Former Soviet Union, and Conflict Resolution, Peacemaking and Peacekeeping in the Post-Cold War World. She also has served as chair of the Political Science and International Studies department and has twice taught at the College’s campus in Budapest, Hungary.

Also receiving a 25-year service award is Pam Regis, whose contributions as a writing and literature teacher, scholar and administrator are recognized both on campus and off. In 2003, she published a second book, “A Natural History of the Romance Novel,” which has launched her as one of the first serious scholars in the field of romance fiction. She has served the College as a leader in a variety of positions including chair of the Middle States Reaccreditation Executive Steering Committee in 2001, and as the first Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence from 2007-08.

Jazz musician Eckard , who has been instrumental in developing students’ enthusiasm for this American-style music, both as performers and connoisseurs, has expanded the horizons of the College’s musical experience for 25 years. In his coursework and direction of several ensembles, students applaud his dedication to music ranging from Brazilian Samba to Mariachi and Tex-Mex, from African Percussion to Reggae and the music of the Middle East.

A complete listing of the 2009 Faculty Awards is available online. (.pdf)