Finding a professional voice through original work

April 19, 2011

Seven seniors took a few minutes out of their busy final semesters to talk about their senior capstone projects – the crowning feature of McDaniel’s curriculum, an in-depth investigation of a topic in the student’s major.

Through capstones, students often begin to express themselves as professionals.

Music majors may create an original composition. Biology majors often contribute to a national research initiative in anything from genomics to cancer research. Across all disciplines, students top off their educations with original work in their fields – and use this experience as a passport to both career and graduate school.

Here are videos of students talking about their capstone projects, plus a sampling of other capstones across all disciplines.

Capstone Projects Class of 2011

Danny Hughes — Neil Simon: Respect and Recognition

Leslie Higgins — The Importance of Creating the Informed Reader: Teaching Night, Slaughterhouse-Five and The Things They Carried

Joe Ottomano — The Many Faces of the Pirate: A Study of Pirates as Heroes, Villains, and Everything in Between

Hanna Spence — Powerful Silence: Redefining Feminine Heroism in Fairy Tales

Lauren Fischetti — Escaping the Labyrinth: Young Adult Literature as Bildungsroman

Kim Williams — Exploring 'Monstrous' Women and Silence in Hawthorne and Poe

Jake Friedman — The Ghostwriter in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest

Elaine King — Devotion and Death in Motherhood in Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Kate Chopin's The Awakening

Laura Manos-Hey — From Love to Theory: Adrienne Rich's Lesbian Poetry and Compulsory Heterosexuality

Alicia Better — Corrective Marriages: Fathers and Husbands in Jane Austen's Persuasion, Emma and Pride and Prejudice

Brain Appleby — Into the Maw of Madness: Sanity and the Abyss in H.P. Lovecraft

Claire Oyler — Franny and Sal in the Search for It All

Kelly Whall — The American Soldier in Literature and the True War Story

Perri Dejarnette — Writing the Word: the Apocalypse of the Native American Oral Tradition in House Made of Dawn, Tracks, and Ceremony

Laura Thompson — Rediscovering the Biblical Master Narrative: Inverted Christ Figures in The Amber Spyglass and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Kayleigh Smith — Moral Development in David Handler's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Anne Matthews — Rising from The Great Depression: Gone with the Wind, So Red the Rose, and the Creation of the 'New South'

Jacqui Williar — What Do You Do With a Problem Like Luna? The Problem of Gender in Harry Potter

Ashley Tieperman — (Moments of) Being Virginia Woolf

Stuart Fischer — Terrorized by Hidden 'Superhuman' Forces: Economic Anxiety in the Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

Jessica Clinton — Mary Cholmondeley, Thomas Hardy, and the Late Victorian Woman

Megan Robinson — Identity Crisis: The Effects of Ahistoricity in Lois Lowry's The Giver and Gathering Blue

Megan Giroux — Victorian Constructions of Childhood: Implied Readers in the Stories of A.A. Milne, Rudyard Kipling and Beatrix Potter

Science and Mathematics
Atlee Baker — Isolation of Toll-like Receptor 3 (TLR3) from Tenebrio molitor using immunoassays

Kristen Nuckles — Synthesis of H3trac and H3benac chelators for heavy metal ions Zn2+, Cd2+, Hg2+, and Pb2+

Alli Johns — The role of Let-7 microRNAs in the regulation of IL-6

Adam Fearnow — Annotation of Contig 28 of the Drosopila erecta Dot Chromosome

Bryan Yarrington — The Drosophila erecta Dot Chromosome: A Collaborative Annotation

Kristen Brennan — Toll-Like Receptor 11 detected in the grain beetle, Tenebrio molitor

Amanda Burke — Cloning of the TYRP1 gene in Jacob sheep

Turner Conrad — Annotation of a segment of the Drosophilia erecta Dot Chromosome

Kayla Vondy — Isolation and Characterization of a Nudix cDNA from Dictyostelium discoideum

Chris McLaughlin — Comparative Genomics of the Drosophila erecta Dot Chromosome

Micah Shelton — Role of sympathetic innervation in pancreas development

Bryan Ward — Sudoku puzzle generator that creates puzzles with a unique solution

Adam Dolbey — 3-Dimensional Version of Tetris

Emily Fair — A comparative study of invertebrate communities living within sponges from Indian River, DE

Nichole Howard — Sexual polymorphism in a population of Anolis sagrei on San Salvador, Bahamas

Brian Jumonville — Discovery of toll-like receptor 1 in the pupal stage of Tenebrio molitor

Ben Faber — Investigating Poisson's spot with a HeNe laser and CCD camera

Morgan DeHart — Building a signal mixing circuit for measuring the speed of light

David Hughes — Studying the bandgap of semiconductors as a function of temperature

Jenny Wallace — Paying for the Goods: Environmental Services in Central America

Jared Ginsberg — Brewing Sustainability: What Measures are Mid Atlantic Craft Breweries Taking to be Sustainable

Chris McLaughlin — Annotation of contig 28 of Drosophila erecta

Patricia Mellotte — Genomic DNA isolation and GenomeWalker library construction from Leiocephalus carinatus.

Kim Moran — Cloning of a putative mRNA decapping Nudix gene from Dictyostelium discoideum

Josh Thomas — Community Recycling in Westminster, MD: A Closer Look At Single Stream

Sunita Pathik — Costa Rica and the United States: A Comparison of Environmental Education Systems

Christina Paluskievicz — Differential response to pictorial food stimuli as a function of body image and gender

Emily Peoples — Sexual dimorphism and population structure in the San Salvador curly-tailed lizard Leiocephalus loxogrammus parnelli from San Salvador, Bahamas

Micah Shelton — Role of sympathetic innervation in pancreas development

Abigail Vickers — Synthesis of H3trenac and H3benac as chelators for heavy metals zinc, cadmium, mercury and lead binding

Dana Willoughby — Detection of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in the grain beetle Tenebrio molitor

Melissa Bollman — Institutional Rules in Action: A Multi-Level Analysis of Costa Rica's PES Program

Erin Duffy — Assessment of McDaniel College Students Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Annie O'Grady — The Plastic Bag Reduction Act of 2009: How Successful Is It?

Kendra Shillenn — Organic Compost: The Future of our Food at McDaniel College

Shea Beitler-Akman — Institutional Analysis of Water Resource Management in the Middle East

Ben Clemm — Climate Change and the Evolution of Stormwater Management

Jamaal Morgan — How Sustainable is the Fashion Industry?

Josh LeBrun — Analyzing Student Achievement in a Badminton Unit

Victoria Pickett — Assessing Student Learning in a Flag Football Unit

Samuel Morris — Assessing Student Learning: High School Weight Training Unit

Lauren Wildasin — Student Achievement Within a Volleyball Unit

Rebecca Corban — Student Achievement Within a Flag Football Unit

Brett Bonneville — Application of Effective Teaching Methods to a Volleyball Unit

Benjamin Sapp — The Kimberling Shuffle

John Maddrey — Non-Well-Founded Sets

Laurie Grove — Additive-Multiplicative Magic Squares

Fenghao Wang — Counting Polyominoes

Christie Walker — Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Screen for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Social Sciences
Jeneice Shaw — The Effects of Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Perceived Consent on Perceptions of Rape Victims

Mary Crocamo — Cross-Sex Friendships and Romantic Relationships

Michael Mandel — Exploring whether gender affects the contagiousness of laughter

Nancy Franklin — Parental Involvement Efforts in Middle and High School: Influences on Academic Successes

Brittany Baer — Profanity and its effect on team solidarity within male and female athletes

Harold Baines — Physician-patient communication: Improving primary care physician information seeking strategies during the physician-patient interview process

Fenghao Wang — Review of Indifference Curve Theory and Additional Notes

Steven (Andy) Carr — News seeking behaviors of college students relative to U.S. involvement in the Middle East

James De Atley — Violent video games: A uses and gratifications approach

Caitlin Flynn — Sexual equality and self-disclosure: An analysis of sexual-disclosure since the sexual revolution

Karla Holland — New media and the Christian community

Tom Little — Coaching leadership styles: A quantitative study on athlete motivation

Keith Mazurek — McDaniel College athletics: Supporting college sports teams and attending events

Brittany Odoms — Revealing motivations: American Sign Language learning and traditional foreign language learning

Alexa Panayi — Message design in the classroom: The good, the bad, and the effective

Carmen Wong — Manipulation of message design effectiveness increases attitudes towards the product

Jill Wooten — The effect of differing English accents on receiver evaluation of perceived source credibility: A quantitative study

Cindy Sordo — Effective communications strategies in persuading safe sex behavior

Omar Brown — Tw' Talk. The Phenomena of Double Talk in African American Society

Jake Friedman — It's Cool to be Different: Contemporary Hipster Discourse, Consumer Culture, and Postmodern Agency

Melissa Bollman — Alienation and the Artistic Process

Darcy Sullivan — Inked

Catherine Szczybor — Social Support, Intensity of Facebook Use, and Campus Involvement Among College Students

Kaitlyn Thomas — Hooking-up: Have Gender Roles Changed?

Kate Johansen — Campus Safety: Friend or Foe?

Heather Sands — Signs of Sickness beneath the Skin

Tyler Lewis — Studying: Beneficial or Waste of Time?

Jordan Doss — Does getting involved, get you sexually involved?

Whitney Arkin — Student satisfaction with Englar Dining Hall

Tim Batts — Sex, Gender, Roles, and Academic Success

Jessica Turkington — Minorities on a Predominately White Campus

Keith Martucci — Effects College Athletics has on Students Academic Performance

Tia Scott — Drinking Games on College Campuses

Alyssa Barrt — GPA and Study Habits: What Really Happens

Marely Heit — College Students' Lack of Awareness of Current Events

Allison Marriot — Facebook and Relationships: Bringing Out the Green-Eyed Monster in All of Us

Kimberly McShane — Interest and Relevance of National Politics

Sarah Byron — Hooking up on the Hill

Rachel Smiroldo — Academic Stress of a College Student

Antionette Adams — Why Did I Get Married?

Tyler Tart — Gender Differences and Driving Behaviors

Steven Carney — How Safe Are You? A View of Public Opinion Concerning National Safety Against Terrorism

Alexander Roell — Non-Medical Usage of Prescription Stimulants Among Small Liberal Arts Students

Rebecca Tilyou — Religiosity and Recklessness in Emerging Adulthood

Raquel Melendez— Relatedness at College and Academic Achievement

Fenghao Wang — On Human Uncertainty

John Modica — Rethinking Development: The Psychological Dynamics of 'un-sustainability' in the post-modern world

Ryan Allnut — Reasonable Mistakes: Strict Liability and Statutory Rape

Ben Andres — Can State Authority Be Justified? An Intellectual History of Liberal Attempts, And a Philosophical Consideration of their successes and failures

Tiffany Curry — Tinder, Toys and Trash: Fiat Money and Hyperreality in Monetary Exchange

Sean Shaffer — Where Moral Responsibility and Free Will (do not) Intersect

Michael Monaco — Perceived quality differences between CD and mp3

Margaret A. Powell — How can I be someone else? I'm ME!" The Effects of Acting Training on Autism Spectrum Theory of Mind Skills

Stefanie Quintero — Revolutions of the People

Performing and Fine Arts
Brittney Stanton — Music Recital (Voice)

Danielle Long — Music Recital (Voice)

Michael Monaco — Music Recital (Jazz Guitar)

Matt Clise — Music Recital (Percussion)

Aaron Burns — Music Recital (Piano)

Michael Phillips — Music Recital (Electric Bass)

Whitney Arkin — Set Design for Streetcar

Julia Williams — Theatre piece blending text from Cloud Nine with improvisation

Maggie Powell — Drama therapy series focusing on Boal's Rainbow of Desire

Brady Eisenberg — Directing from Bald Soprano

Amy Zipkin — Interactive Event related to Soprano using Transformations techniques

Britt Burr — Dramatic ritual connected to Antigone

Nina Minadakis — Environmental theatre piece related to Antigone

Brooke Freeland — Wang Wei: Father of the Chinese Landscape

Sarah (Beau) Reeves — A Comparative Study of German and Japanese Woodcut and Woodblock Print Techniques

JoAnna Jenkins — Shakespeare and the Arthurian Legend in the work of Pre-Raphaelites

Lindsay Wilson — The History and Religious Iconography of the Japanese Zen Garden

Megan Balladarsch — The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the Religious Sculpture of G.L. Bernini

Emily Johnson — Art Conservation and Restoration: Preserving our Past with Science

Stephanie Kurtyka — Digital Painting of Flowers