First-year women students move into fully renovated Whiteford Hall

September 12, 2011

As they moved into their dorm rooms, Class of 2015 women discovered a newly renovated Whiteford Hall.

During this summer’s second phase renovations, all of the built-in furniture was removed, and the dorm rooms were painted and carpeted. Students now can make the rooms their own by rearranging furniture and closets and separating or lofting beds.

“Last year’s work in the common areas already helped the building, but when you transitioned from the new look in the hallways and lounges into the older bedrooms, it didn’t mesh well,” said Michael Robbins, director of Residence Life. “The building now looks much more seamless. Students who have lived there in the past, current residents, and parents have all been very positive about the changes.”

The first phase, completed last summer, focused on common rooms, public areas and bathrooms. New tiling and showers were installed. The hallways and doors were painted and floor carpeted. New study and lounge areas were added on the first floor, and the ground-floor common room was renovated with new furniture and flat-screen TVs.

Holly Brehm talks with daughters Rebecca and Caroline in their Whiteford Hall room. The first-year students are two of a set of triplets in McDaniel’s class of 2015 – brother Andrew moved into Rouzer Hall. Photo by the Carroll County Times.

Jessica Hague, junior and R.A., has been living in Whiteford for three years and has loved seeing all of the changes.

“The students on my floor really seem to really like their rooms. The renovations have made Whiteford look prettier, and therefore, it’s a happier place to live,” she said.

Other recent renovations include Daniel MacLea (DMC) residence hall lounge and Ensor Lounge in Decker College Center. In DMC, the carpet was replaced, walls repainted, television replaced with a flat-screen model, and a new bulletin board was installed for Residence Life and the Honors Program to use for postings. The new furniture is on order.

Ensor Lounge, a frequent student hangout in Decker College Center, was given new furniture, carpeting, and a more expanded layout.