For many freshmen, Move-In Day is mix of familiar and new

August 24, 2009

After months of constant texting, hours chatting via Skype, and seemingly ceaseless cell phone conversations, freshmen roommates Sophie Diven and Kelsey Warthen were glad they’d taken the time to get to know each other before arriving at Whiteford Hall last week during McDaniel’s Move-In Day.

With matching comforters, and coordinating bed sheets, both said they’d been orchestrating their move-in from afar since February, not long after they friended each other on the McDaniel College Class of 2013 Facebook page and learned they had so much in common that they wanted to room together. Later, they met in person on campus during Admitted Students Day.

“The more we talked, the more we learned how similar we are,” said Warthen, as she and Diven decorated and settled into their ground-floor room.

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For starters, both have parents who attended McDaniel when it was still known as Western Maryland College. Warthen’s father, Michael Warthen, graduated in 1977. Diven’s mother, Anita Diven, who attended the college from 1980-1982, also lived on the ground floor of Whiteford. In Diven’s room are two custom-made shelving units – constructed by her great-grandfather – that her mother also had in her dorm room as a student on the Hill.

And both are particular about their living environment.

“We both hate for anyone to put their feet on our beds,” Warthen laughed. “We’re not anti-social. We love people. But please don’t touch our beds!”

As they waded through dozens of bins, suitcases, and duffle bags filled with necessities – and more than a few creature comforts – from home, they acknowledged feelings of disbelief that their freshman year is officially beginning.

“I can’t believe we’re at college,” Diven said. “It hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Warthen added, “It’ll sink in when my mother leaves.”

From all accounts, Warthen and Diven are in good company.

Kelsey Warthen & her father, Michael Warthen ’77

Sophie Diven & her mother, Anita

Here are highlights of the Class of 2013:

  • Total enrolled – 480
  • Male/female ratio – 53 percent, 47 percent
  • Multicultural students – 19.4 percent
  • Six countries represented – Argentina, China, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Vietnam
  • 26 states represented, including Hawaii, Washington and Rhode Island
  • Maryland residents – 62 percent
  • Carroll County residents – 17 percent

Here’s a link to the Beloit College Mindset List, a look at the events, trends and happenings that shaped the Class of 2013.