Former president’s portrait revealed

February 10, 2009

A portrait of McDaniel’s seventh president, Robert Hunter Chambers, was unveiled at a ceremony held Feb. 7 in Hoover Library.

Chambers served as president from 1984 to 2000 during which time enrollment grew from just over 1,000 undergraduate students to 1,500; renovations were completed on major academic buildings including Hoover Library as well as the construction of Eaton Hall of Science, and the College forged a partnership to establish a branch campus in Budapest, Hungary. Throughout his presidency, Chambers also taught literature to undergraduates.

In his remarks expressing gratitude to President Joan Develin Coley and the Board of Trustees, Chambers who enjoyed a morning tour of the campus, added that [McDaniel] “is the loveliest small college in the nation.”

He further added that the College is an exemplar for other higher education institutions having remained devoted to the liberal arts, and a place where “eager, interested, and intelligent students are taught daily by professors who actually know them, who truly like them and who genuinely want to help them succeed.

“A student lucky enough to go here—and faculty and staff fortunate enough to work here—are blessed members of something very special, a community that truly knows what it is doing—and should be doing,” said Chambers.

The painting was created by Michael Shane Neal, an accomplished portraitist from Nashville, Tenn.,  who has completed numerous still life paintings and over 400 portraits including U.S. Senators, corporate and civic leaders, college presidents and family portraits commissioned by people across the nation.

Chambers’ portrait will be hung in the Library Board Room.

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