Got Deutsch? Absolutely at McDaniel!

October 20, 2010

By the time the silver suitcase landed on the stage in Baker Memorial Chapel, it had already traveled thousands of miles – from locales in China to Brazil – when its journey called for a special layover on McDaniel’s Westminster campus as part of the college’s annual German-American Day activities.

The suitcase is associated with the “Echo 2010: The German Language Goes on a World Tour” program that has plans to stop in cities around the world, including Washington, D.C., Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta while it’s in the United States. When it leaves the U.S., the suitcase will head to Tokyo and eventually onto Berlin, its final stop.

“The suitcase is being sent out into the world to collect ideas,” said Frank Mueller, German language consultant and programs director for the German government. “We felt German-American Day at McDaniel was a unique occasion to be with so many young people and students.”

About 900 students and their chaperones from schools around the region and Pennsylvania participated in this year’s German-American Day, which has been hosted annually for 16 years by Mohamed Esa, professor of German in McDaniel’s Foreign Languages department.

McDaniel’s contributions to the suitcase included a T-shirt with this year’s winning design created by Barbara Fisher of Severna Park High School, a pin commemorating German-American Day at McDaniel and three postcards.

In addition to the suitcase presentation, there are many other engaging sessions and activities, such as "Austrian, Swiss and German Hip Hop and Rap Music," "How I Survived the Holocaust," "Make Your Own Marzipan," and "German Folk Dance."