Hobart steps up for alumni leadership

April 06, 2009

Donald J. Hobart ’62 has been named president-elect of the Alumni Association and will succeed Corynne Courpas ’76 as president on July 1, 2009.

An expert in kinesiology, Hobart taught anatomy at the University of Maryland at Baltimore for more than 20 years and his popularity with students was proved when they endowed a scholarship in his honor in 1991. As assistant chair and associate professor of the UM Physical Therapy Department, Hobart was a driving force in establishing its alumni association and annual giving program. He’s committed long term to his alma mater too.

He currently serves on the McDaniel Alumni Council and as a visitor to the Board of Trustees. His organization and tracking of classmates has resulted in record attendance at reunions and participation in the Annual Fund.

Hobart appreciates his McDaniel education, one where retired professors like Drs. Royer, Sturdivant, and Kerschner taught him to think logically. As students, “we were asked to be problem solvers before problem-solving was a buzz word,” says Hobart.

“Dick Clower [physical education faculty] made problem solving a priority and teaching a valued skill, Bill Tribby taught me to write and Bob Waldorf taught perseverance and how to work with people.

“That’s a pretty awesome resume instilled by awesome teachers,” he adds.

Currently Hobart manages Rehab Essentials, a distance-learning program, that contracts with national universities to offer a program of study for physical therapists seeking to upgrade their degrees to the doctoral-level. Working with 150 students across the country, Hobart coordinates the faculty, disseminates the courses via CDs, monitors the exams, and provides oversight for their capstone projects.

“It’s a great job,” he says, one that allows him to work from home in Westminster. There, he and wife, Janice Mooney ’63, stay active in all things McDaniel and volunteer to ensure that the education they enjoyed will continue for current and future students.