Jan Term study tours open up windows to the world

March 01, 2010

For History major Chris Bolesta ’11, spending two weeks on a Jan Term study tour traveling across central Europe was a dream come true.

“This has been a dream of mine for more than 10 years,” Bolesta says of the days he spent traversing historic landmarks in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. “The trip gave me a better understanding of the history from these different regions.”

Bolesta was among the 37 students who traveled with German professor Mohamed Esa, who is chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages, during a Jan Term study tour.

Check out some of the sights that Bolesta, Esa and others captured in photographs during their travels:

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Jan Term study tours are designed to give students and faculty an opportunity to get beyond the classroom to explore unique educational topics and adventures. Jan Term is a three-week session that falls between the fall and spring semesters. All students are required to take a least one of the courses to graduate.

This year, Jan Term study tours took about 120 McDaniel students to diverse regions around the globe – places such as the United Kingdom, Budapest (where McDaniel has sister campus), Cayman, Belize and China.

“Study tours help broaden your world view,” Bolesta says, “They give us an opportunity to get out there and experience parts of the world we might not have otherwise seen. And they add to the academic experience when we return to campus.”