Math Education Mojo

July 31, 2012

McDaniel’s graduate faculty boasts one of the nation’s most respected and effective mathematics educators, Francis “Skip” Fennell, past president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and its 2012 Lifetime Achievement awardee.

Fennell’s efforts to improve curricula and teaching methods at the elementary school level led to the creation of McDaniel’s Mathematics Instructional Leader certificate program for teachers of pre-K through grade 6 — the first of its kind in Maryland.

  “We need elementary school mathematics specialists, elementary classroom teachers who know and understand mathematics and can effectively mentor their colleagues,” says Fennell, who spent the first decade of his career as an elementary teacher and principal. “Given our country’s need for students with a mathematics and science background and interest, this project is a first step in that direction, with multiple national implications.”

In recognizing Fennell, NCTM cited his impact on elementary mathematics specialists regionally and nationally, especially his work with the Brookhill Foundation’s Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project. In March, Brookhill awarded a $375,000 grant to Fennell to renew his research studies that provide teaching models to mathematics professionals worldwide. This is the second grant Brookhill awarded to Fennell; a $400,000 grant was made in 2009.