McDaniel celebrates Earth Day all week

May 02, 2011

At McDaniel, Earth Day is a week full of activities that highlight ways to tread lightly on the environment.

Eight McDaniel environmentalists were among some 10,000 mostly young people who convened April 15-18 at Power Shift 2011 in the nation’s capital to learn ways to lead the U.S. to a clean energy future.

“I knew how awesome and inspiring Power Shift was, so it was a cool experience to bring other people with me this time,” says Sunita Pathik, a graduating senior Environmental Policy and Science major and organizer of McDaniel’s representatives.

McDaniel students (left to right) Matthew Beach, Sunita Pathik, Annie O’Grady, Paula Senff, Erin Duffy, William Paulshock, Samantha Lamon, and Kerri Morrison take a break from Power Shift 2011 events.

Teams of students designed dashing outfits made of paper-towel rolls, bubble-wrap, cardboard scraps, soda cans and the like for the April 19 Recycle Fashion Show. (video)

And students moved inside to celebrate a rainy Earth Day April 22 by sampling locally grown fruits and vegetables and organic chips and crackers. Previously used Styrofoam cups – an environmental no-no – made pots in which to plant radish and sunflower seeds.

Senior Erin Duffy samples locally grown and organic fruits and veggies during Earth Day activities.

McDaniel finished fourth among the 11 Maryland colleges participating in the 10-week long national RecycleMania competition, in which colleges compete to recycle the largest amount per capita and throw away the least amount of trash.

Environmental Action Club president Kendra Shillenn was pleased with the RecycleMania results. Although she is graduating, the Environmental Policy and Science major leaves McDaniel and the club with plans to improve recycling scores next year.

“In general, we improved our total recycling numbers and recycling per capita from last year, but we still want to keep improving next year,” Shillenn says. “To increase participation, we plan on holding a big kick-off party, creating a panel of McDaniel faculty and staff to explain how recycling works in Westminster, and dispel any recycling myths, and go door to door in dorms with recycling information and incentives.”