McDaniel offers summer undergrad classes

May 01, 2012

McDaniel College will offer 16 undergraduate classes, five of them online, in two sessions during Summer 2012.

The expanded 2012 summer course selection is geared to undergraduate students from McDaniel as well as students from other colleges and universities.

“Every summer many McDaniel College students go home and enroll in summer classes at local institutions and transfer the credits they earn to McDaniel,” says Provost and Dean of the Faculty Tom Falkner, adding that the college hopes to also attract students from other colleges and universities who come home to Carroll County in the summer. “We have the curriculum and the faculty to support them, and the courses are accessible and affordable.”

The program has been expanded this year to meet the increased demand from students who want to use the summer to catch up on their credits or to take a course they've not been able to take during the regular academic year.

The course selections, distributed across 10 different departments, are the result of surveys asking students what kind of summer classes they wanted. Many are at the introductory level, but also included are some advanced courses such as “Developmental Psychology” and a Sociology course in “Wealth, Power and Privilege.” There is a residential option for students who want to stay on campus for the summer, and five of the courses will be offered online, so that students can take them wherever they live.

“This summer, more than ever, the campus will be bursting with activity,” Falkner says. “The library and fitness center are open, we have Common Ground on the Hill and more than 40 students and 18 faculty doing student-faculty research projects.  It’s a great time for us to re-invent an undergraduate summer program, and I think we are off to a great start in 2012.”

Most courses are 4 credits at $375 per credit hour, or $1,500 for a 4-credit course. Courses are available to auditors at one-half the tuition, and senior citizens pay $25 per credit hour. Sessions run May 29-June 29, 2012 and July 9-August 9, 2012.

McDaniel students may register for summer classes the same way they register for regular classes. Others may go to for a listing of classes and a non-degree seeking student registration form to fill out and bring to the registrar’s office on campus. If coming to campus is not possible, call 410-857-2755 for information.

For course descriptions, schedules and more information, go to

Courses offered in the summer of 2012 include: (* denotes online course)

Session I - 2012
American Sign Language 1101: American Sign Language I
English 1002: College Composition
English 1101: Intro to College Writing
General Science 1115: A World of Light and Color
History 2265: Empires and Nations in Eastern Europe
Philosophy 1101: Fundamental Questions*
Psychology 1106: Intro to Psychology
Psychology 2209: Developmental Psychology
Sociology 1104: Intro to Sociology*
Spanish 1101: Elementary Spanish I
EPE 1055: Total Body Conditioning

Session II - 2012
Art 1101: Perceptual Drawing
General Science 1106: Understanding the Universe* (Closed)
General Science 1104: Mastering Calculations in Science*
Sociology 2412: Wealth, Power and Privilege* (Closed)
EPE 1055: Total Body Conditioning

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