McDaniel Thanksgiving feast as close as it gets to Mom’s

November 17, 2010

It may have been a week early, but students, faculty and staff swarmed Englar dining hall Nov. 17 and savored every morsel of McDaniel chef Kevin Werner’s traditional Thanksgiving feast.

“Nothing’s quite like Mom’s, but this is as close as it gets,” said senior Tom Little, carrying a plate heaped with green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and turkey topped with cranberry sauce. “Now all we need is a comfy chair and a TV with a football game on it.”

Seniors Tom Little, Amine Alaoui and Nick Brunner

Little, with friends Amine Alaoui and Nick Brunner, were among some 1,100 diners who filled their plates one, two and sometimes three times. Behind the scenes, the chef and his team went by the numbers, making sure there was more than enough to go around.

Cooking for a crowd? Here’s Chef Werner’s shopping list for a McDaniel Thanksgiving:

330 pounds of turkey
23 12-pound prime rib roasts
75 pounds of green beans
67 pounds of candied yams
70 pounds of cornbread stuffing
140 pounds of mashed potatoes
25 pounds of sauerkraut
100 pounds of macaroni and cheese
15 gallons of extra-creamy gravy
16 pounds of cranberry sauce
600 rolls
60 pumpkin pies
48 apple pies
35 cheesecakes in assorted flavors

Stay tuned… Werner’s holiday spread is coming up fast on Dec. 9.