October is Alcohol Awareness Month on the Hill

October 20, 2009

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be drunk – but not actually have to be intoxicated to find out – strap on a pair of beer goggles and try to aim for a basketball hoop.

Beer Goggle Basketball is one of the many activities planned on campus throughout October for Alcohol Awareness Month. Beer goggles are designed to distort a person’s vision to simulate the effect of being inebriated.

Organizers from the Wellness Center and the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee, as well as several other campus groups, have planned activities such as Beer Goggle Basketball to raise awareness about the serious issue of alcohol consumption on college campuses. The events – such as Karaoke & Mocktails and a talent competition – are intended to provide students with alternatives to drinking.

The events engage not just students, but faculty and staff as well. During the Midnight Milk & Cookies contest, students were treated to a study break that included sampling cookies baked by faculty and staff. Cathy Gunther, executive secretary in Student Affairs, made this year’s winning black-bottom cookie bars.

Upcoming activities and events include:

- Oxygen Bar and Beer Goggle Basketball – Students can sample flavored oxygen that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation and play basketball while wearing beer goggles. This event is sponsored by CAPBoard, Campus Safety, the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee, the Wellness Center, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Gamma Tau and Phi Alpha Mu.

- IGC Talent Competition sponsored by the Inter-Greek Council.

- Beer Goggle Twister sponsored by the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee.

- Alcohol-free Club Room sponsored by the Inter-Greek Council.

- “One Night” – Audience members interact with actors in the interactive theatre group, Equalogy, as they witness a true-to-life situation unfold. Find out what happens when four friends get together, alcohol is involved and accusations are made. This event is sponsored by the Wellness Center, the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee, the Inter-Greek Council, Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha, the Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Inter-Fraternity Council.