President Casey tours Westminster’s Main Street in “Get Acquainted Walk”

November 09, 2010

President Roger Casey and other top administrators from the college recently toured downtown Main Street in Westminster to introduce themselves to business owners and residents along the city corridor.

Called the “Get Acquainted Walk,” the tour was scheduled as an opportunity to foster stronger ties between the campus and the city. Casey and the college’s senior vice presidents – Provost and Dean of the Faculty Thomas Falkner, Vice President of Administration and Finance Ethan Seidel, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Richard Kief, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions Florence Hines, and Dean and Vice President of Student Affairs Beth Gerl. Also from McDaniel: Robyn Allers, community liaison, and college trustees Dolly Snyder, Carolyn Scott and James Lightner – visited nearly 20 businesses and homes during the tour.

“I’m learning that we have a great relationship here,” Casey told a local news reporter from the Carroll County Times. “There is a great sense of community here in Westminster.”

Among other businesses visited, Casey stopped at Ain't That a Frame, an art and framing shop on Main Street, where he met owners Lou and Andrew Chang.

“It’s really nice to see this man step off the hill and be a part of our community,” Lou Chang told the Carroll County Times. “It’s nice to see he’s interested in making a connection.”

Westminster City officials who joined Casey on the tour included Mayor Kevin Utz; City Administrator Margaret Wolf; Planning Director Stan Ruchlewicz; City Council President Damian Halstad; and council members Dr. Robert Wack, Suzanne Albert, Anthony Chaivacci and Gregory Pecoraro.

The tour began at Ward Arch at the college’s Main Street entrance. Stops included the Carroll Arts Center, Carroll County Public Library, and several local businesses along Main Street. The tour ended at O’Lourdans Irish Pub and Restaurant on Liberty Street.

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