Professors research, publish on sabbatical

June 27, 2008

Six professors conducted independent research while on sabbatical during the 2007-2008 academic year. They presented their work at conferences and published worldwide.

Art and Art History Professor Sue Bloom, on sabbatical during the spring semester, wrote a book about digital painting in Photoshop for Focal Press. The book explores Bloom’s techniques for making pastels, charcoals, watercolors and oils using Photoshop. Publication is expected in 2009.

Foreign Languages Professor Tom Deveny, while on leave from the Ralph and Dorothy John Humanities Chair, studied contemporary Spanish cinema, notably the films of Alejandro Amenábar and Julio Medem Vacas.

Associate Professor of Sociology Roxanna Harlow, while on sabbatical during the spring semester, wrote a set of theoretical articles proposing a new understanding of social stigmas, particularly in regard to race, and their impact on everyday life and identity. Harlow is exploring how broad social expectations and assumptions about race and gender affect how people experience their workplace, and how people of color can move past stigmatization to succeed.

Associate Professor of Psychology Stephanie Madsen, while on sabbatical this spring semester, researched and authored a textbook about personal relationships throughout the life, including relationships with teachers, grandparents, mentors, friends, romantic partners and others. Additionally, Madsen presented research on the transition to adulthood in March at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence.

Associate Professor of Social Work Cathy Orzolek-Kronner researched issues that persons with some degree of blindness encounter and the complexities these issues create in one’s attempt to achieve both career and social goals. The findings and recommendations that result from this study will be presented in a book chapter for a social work text that examines clinical practice with at-risk and vulnerable populations. The book is expected to be published by Jason Aronson Inc. in 2009.

English Professor LeRoy Panek, while on sabbatical in fall 2007, co-edited with Associate Professor of English Mary Bendel-Simso a collection of 19th-century detective stories.  The book, “Early American Detective Stories: An Anthology,” was released in March and is available at the campus bookstore.