Regional foundations award grants to College

January 23, 2009

Scholarships and the College’s distinguished Deaf Education Program will benefit from recent grants from three regional foundations.

- The John J. Leidy Foundation awarded the College a grant of $25,000 to match a portion of the France-Merrick Foundation challenge grant for scholarships for students from Baltimore City with a preference given to those who wish to earn their teaching certification. The foundation has supported the College since 1975 with total giving of $74,500.  This gift was the first gift the College has received from the Foundation since 1995.

- The College received a grant of $10,000 from the Joseph D. Baker Fund to support the Deaf Education Program.  The Fund has been supporting the College since 1989 with total giving of $323,000.

- The G. Frank Thomas Foundation awarded the College a grant of $10,000 to provide scholarships for students from Frederick County.  The Foundation has been supporting the College since 1992 with total giving in the amount of $224,500.

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