Senior Honors Art students exhibit their work

March 23, 2009

The McDaniel College Department of Art and Art History presents the Honors Art Exhibition, “We Put the Art in Smart: The Pretentious Show,” from March 24-April 3 in the Esther Prangley Rice Gallery in Peterson Hall.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. For gallery hours call 410-857-2595.

An opening reception will be held at 7 p.m. March 24.

Seniors Michelle Alexander, Emily Biondo, Laura Cox, Amber Maurer, Tara Russell and Chase Wolf shared these thoughts about the inspirations behind the works they will have displayed:

Michelle Alexander
“I use recyclable material for the start of each project. I find new perspectives with shapes and landscapes that resemble mapping in the remade medium. I’ve taken these imaginative territories and related them to three distinct countries from my travels: South Africa, India, and Japan.”

Emily Biondo's
Biondo’s work explores the visual possibilities of text that focuses on themes based on faith. She works in painting, drawing, and printmaking. “It is my belief that words are texture within our thoughts – they shape the human conceptualization of the world, and are gathered and sewn on top of one another in a canvas of its own right. These textures make up belief systems, and these belief systems shape who and what each person, each society, portrays.”

Laura Cox
Cox’s paintings are an exploration of color. “With color I am able to not only bind shapes together in a composition and manipulate surface and depth, but I can also explore how colors interact, both with the viewer and with each other. Utilizing contrast and harmonies, I am able to control the movement of the viewer’s eye through the composition, guiding them from point to point within each work. I prefer to utilize a limited color palette derived from found objects.”

Amber Maurer
The core of Maurer’s work is formed from minimalist paintings of choice cuts of meat, expertly and artistically sliced; drawings of similar subjects and farm animals rendered on common butcher paper; carefully cut videos depicting the final skillful wrapping and packaging of actual pieces of meat; and idyllic open landscape paintings populated with cows.

Tara Russell
Russell’s paintings and drawings experiment with both abstracted form and color interactions. Through these visual studies she creates exploratory environments that draw in the viewer and invite them to investigate further.  “I find that placing several layers on top of one another enhances both the depth and complexity of each composition, which can be a metaphor for memory, with some forms and shapes in sharp focus while others remain murky and on the edge of perception. While some layers are often opaque and mimic accessible memory, the focus of my work is more concerned with transparent layers, which serve as a portal to the initial layers.”

Chase Wolf
Wolf says his work can most easily be described as a Corporate Identity package. To create an original identity for a fictional wine company, he relied on strong colors and a crisp, bold logo design. These branding elements, along with similar text treatment and alignment styles, were incorporated into various stationery to create continuity. From the wine labels to the brochure, each piece embodies the brand’s unique characteristics in an effort to forge a recognizable brand identity for Blue Heron Wine.