Student band produces ‘Bright’ new album

September 16, 2008

Now you don’t have to stay awake ’til all hours of the evening hanging out in Red Square or Decker student center to listen to Turtle Buddy, the progressive rock and folk band formed by six talented students who like to wander around campus entertaining as they go. “Bright, Bright Moon,” the band’s recently released first album, is available for purchase online (, where sample tracks from the CD can also be heard.

Turtle Buddy attracted a steady following of fans last year with its impromptu performances of original songs that incorporate sounds from all over the world. There’s Eric Welkos ’10 playing the sitar, an Indian string instrument; Tyler Buisch ’09 on the riqq, an Egyptian tambourine, and a Spanish percussion box called the cajón; Greg Adams ’08 playing the melodica and the guitar; Sunita Pathik ’11 on violin; Keith Adams ’10 on guitar; and Ghana native Henry Amankwah ’10 as vocalist.

The music they produce is as varied as it is catchy and captivating. “We’re hoping to inspire people. There’s something for everyone to enjoy,” says Pathik. The recording is as polished as any professionally produced album, though the band put much of it together during last winter break in the closet of Greg Adams’ North Village apartment. “The closet was a way for us to accomplish soundproofing,” Pathik says. Professional microphones and recording software were borrowed from musician friends. The cover art, a colorful abstract piece, was created by Kathryn Harlow ’10.

The band continues to play together for fun three to four times per week and meets once a week for formal rehearsals. Close to 100 of the $10 CDs have sold. “We’re still in the red, but we’re working our way out,” says Welkos of their $1,500 investment. Prospective buyers are encouraged to e-mail to see if they’re eligible for a “mysterious meeting” to avoid shipping charges.

Read more about Turtle Buddy and how its talented members have brought a new groove to campus in the autumn issue of The Hill magazine, due in your mailbox in mid November.