Student-staged haunted house raises donations for local food bank

November 04, 2011

Nearly 600 students and visitors toured the Green Terror Haunted House over Halloween weekend – many screaming in fear but all bringing a donation that resulted in nearly 400 pounds of food and $200 for Carroll County Food Sunday.

The spooky house was produced by more than 140 McDaniel students from 14 campus organizations to raise awareness of the issues surrounding hunger in Carroll County. Smith House, where the fright fest was staged, is among the oldest on campus, dating back to the mid-19th century, and some say comes already inhabited by its own ghosts and goblins.

The Commuter Students Association created a room featuring freshman Mark Brengle of New Windsor, Md.; sophomore Kamryn Ford of Hampstead, Md. and senior Christine Kick of Eldersburg, Md.

But no matter, the students went all out to create five “hot spots,” complete with pop out creatures and eerie music raising the hair on the necks of all but the bravest of the brave. While the horrors were geared toadults, special times – and toned-down experiences – were set aside for children, including a special preview on Friday night for the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster and William Winchester Elementary School.

“We had one group of five return five times,” says Jim Mayola, acting assistant director of Career Services, who notes among many glowing comments the best quote of the weekend from a Westminster resident: “I have been to every haunted house in Carroll County and yours is better and scarier than any of them, including the one at Lineboro.”

In the Haunted House, senior Matt Gill of Attleboro, Mass., and Selam Andu prepare to scare those who dare to venture down the steps to the basement of Smith House.

The Halloween Haunted House was organized by student groups at McDaniel College, including Anime Club, Hispanic/Latino Alliance, McDaniel College Alumni Association, Commuter Student Alliance, McDaniel Honors Group, Residential Advisors Group, Peer Mentors of McDaniel College, WMCR Radio, Women’s Issues Group, and fraternities and sororities, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Sigma Tau, Gamma Sigma Sigma, and Phi Mu.

In the Haunted House Anime Room are freshman Kathryn Collins of Newark, Del.; sophomore Daniel Mason of Minot, Maine; freshman Sarah Sackett of Philadelphia; freshman Alicia Beckwith of Pasadena, Md. and sophomore Kat Dales (seated) of New Freedom, Pa.

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