Students, faculty, friends savor a taste of Korea

March 01, 2010

McDaniel’s Asian Community Coalition treated more than 175 students, professors and friends to a glimpse of Korea through song, sights, dialect, fine craft and delectable cuisine. Guests were immersed in the culture of the northeast Asian country, from the tables decorated with chopsticks, vivid red napkins and colorful origami lilies to the spicy-sweet aroma of kim chi, seaweed soup, sugary rice cakes and about a dozen other traditional Korean dishes.

Asian Community Coalition members who planned and orchestrated the evening include: club president Leigh Choi, vice president Anna Conley, secretary Kim Trang, treasurer Tiara Tirasawasdichai and members Alex Ahn, Lizzy Conley, Charlie Im, Ha-Young Kim, George Williams and Derrick Woolfson.

Photography courtesy of Sam Segal Photography. Segal is a McDaniel student and professional photographer.

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