Students give Green&Go convenience store an A+

 News@ McDaniel: Brittany Fleming Dwight Carmon
September 11, 2012

Sushi! Peaches! Romaine! Milkshakes?! Most of the 100 or so students who flooded Green&Go when the doors opened at noon Sept. 7 spoke in one word sentences. But still they made their excitement clear – both the convenience store and its carefully selected offerings garnered A-pluses.

After several months of renovations, Budapest Café on the mid-level of Decker College Center was transformed into a convenience store, open until at least midnight every night – and 1 a.m. three nights a week. The shelves and refrigerated sections are stocked with everything from snacks to fresh salad makings, sushi to ice cream, potatoes to paper towels and health and beauty supplies.

“The new Green&Go is not only convenient, but we are specifically stocking shelves with items that people on campus want,” said Beth Gerl, vice president for student affairs and dean of students, explaining that Caseys’ Corner, the new coffee house that opened last year in Hoover Library, gave the college the opportunity to look at new and creative ways of using the space where Budapest Café once was.

Seniors Wesley Weicht and Jonny Wixen went straight to the sushi, which turned out to be one of the first weekend’s top sellers along with ice cream, popcorn, chips, milk and shakes and smoothies at the F’real milkshake machine.

“I’m thrilled. I’ve been looking forward to not having to go to Safeway – and I’ve been waiting for sushi,” Weicht said, holding up his chopsticks and California roll.

“Right. It’s closer and they have a bunch of things proportioned for college students,” said Wixen, a Communication major from Los Angeles. “Now if it’s laundry day and you run out of detergent, you don’t have to go off campus to buy it.”

Dwight Carmon’s doubts about whether Green&Go was a better idea than the café evaporated as he eyed the apples, red and green peppers, yogurt, milkshakes and cheese sticks.

“Now there’s somewhere we can get fresh vegetables to make a salad and other stuff late at night after Glar and the Pub are closed without going off campus,” the senior Psychology major from Capital Heights, Md., said. “They have the actual products I use – sushi, cheesecake, fruit.”

His friend, Brittany Fleming, picked up a peach. Then the junior from Burlington, N.J., spotted something at the end of the refrigerated shelf.

“Ah…Romaine!” she said.

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