Students thank donors at annual Scholarship Luncheon

April 18, 2011

The annual Scholarship Luncheon held April 17 on campus capped off a weeklong program of activities leading up to the Inauguration of President Roger Casey and celebrated donors whose generosity impacts the lives of current students. Nine new scholarship funds were announced bringing the total to 321 scholarships.

Highlights of the afternoon included the donors’ conversations with students and hearing from seniors Cindy Sordo and Andrew Rauch, and from recent 2010 graduate Aaron Slaughter. Sordo spoke of her study abroad experience in Budapest, Hungary, extolling the diverse leadership opportunities she has enjoyed. Rauch told the story of his first day on campus after he and his father drove over 1000 miles from his home in western Colorado. Two immediate thoughts Rauch said were, “‘It’s really humid here,’ and ‘I don’t know anybody.’” But he quickly added since that first day, he has never felt alone again.

Slaughter, who came to McDaniel from west Baltimore, stands tall for his alma mater, a place where he accomplished much to make his single mother proud. He thanked his faculty advisor, Susan Milstein, for her mentoring as he is working for an area accounting firm, preparing to sit for the CPA test, and seeks success so that he can repay all that has been done for him.

“I bleed green and gold, ” he said, adding that in 20 or 30 years from now, “I will be sitting here as a donor to support student like me.”

In his remarks, President Casey added, “We are a large college from the point of view of our hearts…when you leave here today, wear an ‘I Am McDaniel’ button and tell your friends, classmates, and colleagues about the power of scholarships.

“At McDaniel we are educating the leaders of our future.”

In a serendipitous exchange, donors Alice (Boyer ’72) and Kevin Hanley ’72 were seated at lunch with Allison Schmitz ’13. Their conversation ranged from academic study to hometowns and they discovered that Schmitz not only hailed from Lothian, Md., but actually lived on the same lane and in the same house the Hanleys first rented 20 years ago while Kevin was in medical school.

New endowed scholarships are as follows:

The Roger N. Casey and Robyn Allers Scholarship Fund established by Dr. Tom Zirpoli and his leadership at Target Community and Educational Services, Inc., to benefit graduate students in the Human Services Management Program affiliated with Target, Inc.

The Carolyn Sapp Shortess Scholarship Fund established by her family in honor of Carolyn Sapp ’49 to annually support a junior or senior who is minoring in Education and who has demonstrated financial need.

The Maynard L. Fones ’52 Memorial Scholarship Fund established by his friend, Ms. Dorothy Bliss, to annually support a deserving student from Baltimore City.

The Sarah Townsend Thompson ’82 Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund established in memory of their daughter, Sarah, to annually support a Mathematics and/or Computer Science major.

The Marcia K. Swanson ’69 Scholarship Fund established by Ms. Swanson to annually support a hearing-impaired student or a student focusing on studies in Deaf Education.

The B. Jill Brooks Hodge Professional Development Award, dedicated to the memory of Ms. Hodge ’79, M’81, by family, friends and Delta Sigma Kappa sisters to annually support an award to a graduate student in Deaf Education.

Next year’s Scholarship Luncheon will be held Sunday, April 15. To learn more about funding scholarships, contact Institutional Advancement at 410-857-2250.