Teacher Ed on National Honor Roll

Picture of an elementary aged student in a classroom with his arm raised.
June 18, 2013

The undergraduate elementary program at McDaniel College received high ratings from the National Council on Teacher Quality in its first comprehensive rankings released today among all teacher preparation programs nationwide. McDaniel was named to the NCTQ Honor Roll, one of only 21 elementary programs identified across the country.

“The College has successfully trained teachers for over 110 years and takes any feedback about the effectiveness of our Education programs seriously,” said Dr. Margaret Trader, chair of the Education Department.

According to Trader, multiple sources of data are used by the College to evaluate our programs, and the College voluntarily participated in this NCTQ Teacher Prep Review of our initial certification programs in Elementary Education.

The Teacher Prep Review provides data on more than 2,400 elementary, secondary and a handful of special education programs from 1,130 higher education institutions. The Council reviewed course descriptions, syllabi, student handbooks, student-teacher observation instruments, graduate and employee surveys, and other materials.

McDaniel offers a minor in Education combining a strong academic background in the subjects that our students teach with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. Students can choose to complete an Education minor at the same time as a major receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, complete the major and all minor requirements then return for one semester after graduation to complete the full-time teaching internship, or complete the major and specific courses at the graduate level receiving both a bachelor’s and master’s degree through one of McDaniel’s various five-year program tracks. McDaniel also offers a graduate teacher certification program for those interested in teaching and who did not minor in Education during their undergraduate studies.

An essential component of training our students as future educators is providing them with early field experience and student teaching opportunities leading them to be well prepared for their first year of teaching in their own classrooms. McDaniel has a partnership with more than 20 Carroll County schools, which not only allows our students the opportunity to apply their coursework, but also work side by side with mentor teachers in these schools.

We are proud that 100 percent of students in 2011-2012 who completed the initial certification program passed the PRAXIS II examination as required for certification. Of those students, 92.5 percent were employed in the teaching field as teachers, substitutes or instructional assistants, a year after completing the program.

Of those who completed the initial certification program in the 2007-2008 academic year and began teaching immediately after completing the program, 92 percent were still teaching five years later, which is a significantly higher than average retention rate for beginning teachers.

Learn more about our Teacher Education program.

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