Theatre Arts Department presents ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

September 21, 2009

As senior Chris Molloy describes it, McDaniel College’s version of “The Rocky Horror Show” is like the cult-classic movie on steroids.

“The show is not the movie, it’s better,” said Chris Molloy, a Theatre Arts major who plays the part of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. “With the movie, the audience is interacting with the screen. With our show, the audience is interacting with the cast, and the cast is interacting with the audience. Everyone has the opportunity to have a part in the action.”

The McDaniel College Theatre Arts Department presents “The Rocky Horror Show” 7:30 p.m. Sept. 30-Oct. 3 and 11:30 p.m. Oct. 2 in WMC Alumni Hall. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and students. Box office: 410-857-2448.

Richard O’Brien’s legendary cult favorite tells the story of two clean-cut kids, Brad and his fiancée Janet, who run into car trouble. When they spot a strange house down the road, they seek help. Little do they know that the mansion is inhabited by alien transsexuals from the planet Transylvania and Dr. Frank-N-Furter is in the middle of one of his unusual experiments.

Elizabeth van den Berg, associate professor and chair of the Theatre Arts Department, directs this high-energy rock musical, a spoof of science fiction movies and bizarre story of seduction and sexual confusion.

“I love how this piece is now crossing generational lines,” van den Berg said. “We’re bringing the love into the new century. Think goth, punk and pink mohawks. Our student actors are pumped up and ready with confetti.”

Because the production contains adult language and situations, it is considered suitable for mature audiences only.

Student Cast of “The Rocky Horror Show”

Colleen Alford - Columbia
Nina Minadakis - Magenta
Katie Ridgway - Narrator
Jen Solomon - Dance Captain/Swing
Katie Bonaduce - Narrator (understudy)
Chris Molloy - Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Andrew Tucker - Rocky
Brooke Hain - Janet Weiss
Brady Eisenberg - Dr. Scott
Andy Fleming - Riff-Raff
Chase Busto - Brad Majors
Sydney Thro - Usherette
YiChong "Angel" Li - Usherette (understudy)
Shelley Hierstetter - Janet (understudy)
Chelsea Cook - Magenta/Columbia (understudy)
Ryan Powell - Swing
Mike Pfeiffer - Dr. Scott/Eddie (understudy)
Jonathan Lightner - Rocky/ Brad (understudy)
Ben Azat - Riff Raff (understudy)
Timmy Connors - Frank (understudy)