Two veteran faculty retire with emeritus status

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May 21, 2012

Graduates are not the only members of the McDaniel community embarking on a new chapter in their lives – two veteran faculty members, Wilbur “Bill” Long (pictured) and Joe Carter Jr., are retiring with emeritus status.

Dr. Wilbur “Bill” Long, Professor of Biology Emeritus, arrived on campus in 1973 as an assistant professor of Biology and immediately launched into extra responsibilities with Sigma Xi as well as the Biology honor society Beta Beta Beta. This was in addition to developing courses in general biology for both majors and non-majors, first year seminars, cell biology, developmental biology, comparative anatomy, evolution, natural history, human reproduction, fertilization, dinosaur biology and departmental senior seminars.

He continued research with his dissertation advisor William W. Ballard at Dartmouth on the enthralling fish embryo that focused on deciphering one of biology’s most important mysteries: how does an embryo develop into an adult? The research took him back to Dartmouth, then to Michigan State University, Clemson, and to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A visiting scientist at MIT Center for Cancer Research, he has been a member in several professional societies including the Society for Developmental Biology, American Society of Zoologists and American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists as well as in the national and regional association of health professions.

Long’s research efforts, in which he frequently included students, earned him a faculty publications award and special achievement award. His nearly 40 years of work on a special part of the yolk in both its formation and function as guiding newly formed cell movements linked what is happening in fish to the work done on the fruit fly.  He was the first to show that fish embryo cells are able to respond to external signals that pattern their movements, and he moved with ease from several fish described as basal on the tree of life to the modern model of fish biology, the zebra fish.

Born in Baltimore, Long graduated from Towson State College with a double major in Biology and Education and earned a Ph.D. at Dartmouth College. While climbing through the ranks from Associate Professor to Professor and to Biology Department chair, he served the college in many other ways from chairing the animal care and use committee, the budget committee, as faculty mentor, MICUA liaison, coordinator of First Year program, Faculty Affairs Committee and several ad hoc committees.

Joseph Carter Jr., Senior Lecturer of Business Administration Emeritus, earned a bachelor’s degree cum laude in Political Science from McDaniel College (then Western Maryland College) in 1973. His academic success was confirmed by his election to the Argonauts – the college’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter was still seven years in the future – and receiving the United States History Award. The Howard County native was also known in Green Terror country as football coach Ron Jones’ hard-hitting “Howard County Flash.”

While earning a master’s in administrative sciences at Hopkins and keeping a hand in academics through an executive program at the University of Virginia’s Darden School and visiting lecturer positions at George Washington University, UVA’s McIntire School, and McDaniel, Carter’s career soared from sales and sales management at old C&P Telephone to, in just a decade, Director of AT&T’s National Sales School in Denver, Colo. By 1985, he was president of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, Inc. and returned to the Hill in September 1988 as senior lecturer in Business Administration and internship coordinator.

On campus, Carter developed courses in management, marketing and entrepreneurship. In addition, he taught several courses for the graduate Human Resource Development program. Outside the classroom, he was always involved in teaching students: either reviewing material from a course or advising with respect to an internship.

Carter was know to base his expectations for student performance on the realities of the marketplace, a place he continued to study and consult. His experience enabled him to direct hundreds of McDaniel students to internship opportunities, many of which resulted in a graduate’s first job.

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