Laine Nightingale is wired to a Galvanic Skin Response amplifier to measure her reaction to film scenes with and without music.

Music, Mind and the Brain

Exploring music through psychology, physics, anthropology, philosophy

A multidisciplinary journey of discovery

In a recent “Music, Mind and Brain” lab, sophomore Laine Nightingale is wired to the Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier (GSR) as violent images from the dystopian classic, “A Clockwork Orange,” flash on a screen not three feet from her face.


The students in this Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) course with lab are taking a journey of discovery — an exploration of music from a psychological perspective while delving into other disciplines such as physics, anthropology and philosophy. A weekly lab also gives the course its scientific inquiry with lab rating in The McDaniel Plan.

Cover artwork from the Winter/Spring 2015 McLIVE.



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Photo: Masha Paul ’14 (third from left) celebrates with other pages in front of 30 Rockefeller Center, the home of NBC Studios in New York City.

First Job

2014 graduate launches career with NBC in New York

TV production class sparked
Communication major’s goals

The pinnacle of Masha Paul’s year in the NBC Page Program, where no day is like the next, was working audience coordination for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.


It was, she admits, a high-pressure role, but worth the exposure she got to every aspect of television production.


“We grow up with TV, so it was a dream come true to be a part of it, and it was also a blessing. Not everybody who loves TV gets to work in it or even in this capacity,” said Paul, who discovered her television aspirations in professor Jonathan Slade’s TV production class.

Jordan Birden

Athlete of the


Jordan Birden debuted in the 110 hurdles with a time of 16.65 to win the event and hit one of his three Centennial Conference-qualifying standards. He also won the high jump, clearing 1.83 meters. MORE »

Elena (Alyona) Skovorodnikova

Global Fellows

Grant sends students to Nepal, Italy and Hungary

Students immerse
In new cultures

Thanks to the Kahlert Foundation, three Global Fellows are studying abroad this semester. Juniors Leigh Brownell of Newtown, Pa., and Nicole Ringel of New Market, Md., traveled to Nepal and Florence, Italy, respectively. Sophomore Elena Skovorodnikova, from the Siberian region of Russia, is taking classes at McDaniel Europe, the college’s branch campus in Budapest, Hungary.


“I have been impressed with the volunteer work by students at McDaniel,” said Greg Kahlert, president of the foundation, which provided McDaniel College with a gift to fund study abroad for Global Fellows as well as scholarships for Carroll County students.

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