First Year Transfer Student Checklist

There are a lot of things for you "to do" between NOW and when you arrive on campus. We've created this checklist to keep you on track. You'll need to work in order, as each step is needed in order for you to move on to the next. You can check off the items as you complete them, or print out this checklist. Make sure you meet all deadlines.

Green Terror FYE Progress Meter






Each of the steps below is extremely important to complete in order! Follow the steps below and when you complete a step be sure to check the box and watch your progress meter move you towards becoming a First Year Green Terror student!!

Pre-step - Transfer Student Seminar Rating Form

As a new transfer student, you will be connected to the “TSS” class – a transfer student seminar designed specifically for new transfers. What is "TSS" and why is it a great experience?

  1. Meet other new transfers
  2. Meet and connect with campus faculty and staff
  3. Have a dedicated time to discuss questions and concerns exclusive to transfers
  4. Learn about different resources and offices on campus
  5. Learn and discuss "life at McDaniel" as a student
  6. Get to know and connect with the Transfer Student Peer Mentors (attend class with you)
  7. Learn the "how to" of academic and social success at McDaniel

We want to hear from YOU about which TSS section interests you – they all have different themes. Use this link to complete the TSS Rating Survey Form


Global Bridge is a new program for U.S.-based students who have grown up abroad or are bicultural/binational. If you would like to join with other students who share your experience while also receiving information and added guidance about academic, social, cultural and professional development opportunities targeting your particular needs and interests, we have a team of faculty, staff, and student mentor/organizers that look forward to getting to know you! Go to and click on the link at the top left corner of the page to put your name and contact information on our list.