Selecting a First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar Course Selection Form (REQUIRED)(PDF).

An important part of the first-year experience at McDaniel is the First Year Seminar (FYS) course. As part of the First Year Program at McDaniel, all first-year students take one First Year Seminar (FYS) course (4-credit course) during their first semester at McDaniel College. First Year Seminars are innovative topical and thematic courses on a range of subjects suitable for first-year students that provide an introduction to the liberal arts and an academic transition to college. They seek to excite students intellectually and engage them as scholars. In addition to offering a rigorous academic content, First Year Seminars focus on fundamental skills that are necessary for academic success: critical thinking, effective writing, analytic reading, and oral communication.

All First Year Seminars are designed to ease student transition from high school to college and to encourage their full participation in the McDaniel College community.

  • A common goal of these courses is also to promote cooperation among students and to foster their intellectual development in the college environment.
  • These seminars are unique in that they are limited to only 15 students, and the professor serves as the students’ academic advisor for the first year.
  • There is also a student Peer Mentor in the FYS course with the students to ease overall transition to college life at McDaniel. This student serves as the student’s mentor for the entire first year.

At this point, you will need to consider the FYS courses. A reminder that the FYS is a 4-credit course that will be a part of your full course load for Fall 2015.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to choose an FYS in your field of intended study. The FYS courses are meant to give you exposure to different fields and disciplines. This is what the college experience is all about!

Please review the following FYS course descriptions and give us your level of interest in as many classes as you’d like – but, please, try to rate at least up to five selections: First Year Seminar Course Selection Form (REQUIRED). The more classes you rate, the more likely it is that you’ll get one you’ve expressed interest in.

Once enrolled in an FYS course, you cannot drop or change the enrollment so please choose carefully.

2015 Course Names (coming soon)

Your First Year Seminar selection needs to be completed by 6/8/15, no later. This is important because your advisor (needed to register for classes) is determined by the FYS that is assigned to you.

After selection, you will receive an email to your MCDANIEL email account by approximately 6/15/15 notifying you of who your professor/first year advisor will be and also the name of your student Peer Mentor. Please check that account by 6/15/15 so you are on track for the next step.