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The FYS Program and Transfer Student Seminar Program

The FYS Program

  • First Year Seminars are innovative topical and thematic courses on a range of subjects suitable for first-year students that provide an introduction to the liberal arts and an academic transition to college.

  • Transfer Student Seminars are innovative topical and thematic courses on a range of subjects suitable for new transfers to the McDaniel Community that provide an introduction to the college’s academic program, engagement program and campus resources to support new transfers.

  • They seek to excite students intellectually and engage them as scholars.

  • In addition to offering a rigorous academic content, First Year Seminars focus on fundamental skills that are necessary for academic success: critical thinking, effective writing, analytic reading, and oral communication.

  • Additionally, courses engage students as members of the McDaniel community by providing an introduction to important dimensions of the College: the nature of the liberal arts and sciences, The First Principles, the Honor System, academic expectations, information literacy, study skills and time management, cultural and co-curricular opportunities, and choosing a major.

  • First Year Seminars are limited to 15 students. A student’s FYS professor serves as that student’s first academic advisor.

  • Transfer Student Seminars are typically 20-25 students and are taught by various faculty from across the College.

  • All first-year students must enroll in a First Year Seminar in the fall semester.

  • Students will rank their interest in five FYS topics, and will be assigned to a seminar prior to the registration process.