Satisfactory Progress Standards

All McDaniel students receiving any type of financial aid, including McDaniel Academic Scholarships, must meet the requirements of satisfactory academic progress toward a degree in order to continue receiving financial aid each year.

First of all, students must complete 75% of the credit hours attempted each semester. For example, students who register for 16 credits must complete at least 12 credits to meet this requirement.

Secondly, students must maintain the cumulative GPA and credit completion requirements for the semesters listed below:

# of Semesters # of Credits Cum GPA
1 12 1.00
2 24 1.50
3 36 1.60
4 48 1.70
5 60 1.80
6 72 1.90
7 84 1.95
8 96 2.00

Successful completion of a course requires a letter grade of A, B, C, or D, or CR for a non-grade course. Incompletes and withdrawals do not count in the calculation. Transfer students have their progress calculated using the credit hours from prior institutions plus the work completed at McDaniel.

Students not meeting the above requirements will be notified and placed on a one-semester probation. If the requirements are not met following one semester of probation, eligibility for financial aid is suspended. Students with extraordinary circumstances may appeal in writing to the Director of Financial Aid for reinstatement. Such letters should include an acknowledgement of why the requirements were not met and how the student will meet the requirements the next semester. Students who have earned greater than 150 credit hours must appeal to the Director of Financial Aid for continued aid.

Financial aid probation is different from letters of Academic Warning or Academic Probation issued by the Office of Academic Affairs. That office determines whether students can remain enrolled at the College. Students can receive Academic Warnings, yet meet the financial aid satisfactory progress standards requirements. Likewise students can be on financial aid probation, yet be in good standing with the Academic Affairs Office.

Spring Graduate registration begins
April 1, 2015, 12:00 am
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April 6, 2015, 12:00 am