McDaniel Verification Process

McDaniel Verification Process

The McDaniel Financial Aid Office will review your FAFSA and determine if verification is required. There are two steps in the verification process:

Step 1: Fill out a Verification Worksheet to provide additional information to supplement FAFSA data. Please read instructions on the Verification Worksheet carefully. Return the completed form to the Financial Aid Office at McDaniel College. The form may be faxed or scanned.

Step 2: Provide tax information which was submitted to the IRS. FAFSA information must be reconciled with Federal Income Tax Returns—the tax information must come to the college from the IRS—we are not permitted to use photocopies of tax returns. The most efficient way to provide this information is to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA website. If a parent or student did not file taxes, please fill out the Non-filer Statement in Item D of the Verification Worksheet and provide copies of your W-2 Statements. Detailed instructions about how to provide IRS tax information will be sent to applicants who need to complete the verification process.

Verification Policies

The Financial Aid Office sends written notices and instructions to students who are required to complete the Verification Process. Returning students are expected to complete verification before aid will be awarded for the upcoming year. In special circumstances, an estimated award may be generated if a family has a delay in being able to provide verification information. For new students, aid will be in an estimated and pending disbursement status until verification is completed.

Students should respond to requests for verification information within two weeks or aid will be subject to cancellation. The Financial Aid Office will work with families who need additional time to obtain verification information due to special circumstances. The last day the college will accept verification information is the last day of the academic year.

If corrections are needed on the FAFSA due to verification, McDaniel College will submit the updated data to the federal processor. If a student’s award amounts change due to verification, a revised Award Notification is provided to the student.

Federal regulations require McDaniel College to refer to the Office of Inspector General any credible information indicating than an applicant for federal student aid may have engaged in fraud or other criminal misconduct in connection with his or her application for federal aid.

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