Merit Aid

McDaniel offers competitive merit-based academic scholarships for first-year students that recognize your academic accomplishments throughout high school. There is no separate application form; you should include all honors, awards, and achievements as part of your application itself or by submitting a personal resume along with the application form.

The most important criteria for consideration for academic scholarships are the nuances of your academic program. We assess the rigor of your course selection as related to your high school offerings, meaning that honors level courses or AP courses are only measured if your school offers them. We look at the amount of advanced study you have done by specific discipline; we acknowledge concurrent enrollment and international baccalaureate completion; and we use your highest cumulative grade point average and standardized test scores from your application.

Academic scholarships are all four-year awards with an annual value of $5000 to $21,000. These awards typically follow admission decisions within a week, so you will receive admission decisions and scholarship offers well in advance of making an enrollment decision by May 1.

Honors scholarships have a separate competitive process and invitations are extended to a select group of admitted students who are invited to campus for a brief scholarship interview. The Honors Scholarship competition requires that students have submitted complete applications for admission no later than January 2 of the senior year. Interviews are typically held in late February and decisions are made by mid-March. These four-year awards replace any academic scholarship previously awarded and have an annual value of $23,000, $25,000, or full tuition.

International student scholarships are available on a competitive academic basis and these awards range from $10,000 to full tuition. (Room, board, books, insurance and other fees are the responsibility of the student.) Scholarships are renewable for all four years of attendance.

Transfer scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement within the collegiate environment. These awards range from $8,000 - $18,000 annually. Click here to see our significant new transfer scholarships for community college students. These scholarships are guaranteed based on GPA and are automatically awarded at admission, requiring no separate scholarship application!

Never pay to apply for a scholarship. There are many companies offering scholarship promises they just can’t keep. Don’t become a victim of these scholarship scams. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our admission or financial aid office. Two helpful websites that address scholarship scams are:


Private Outside Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships to help students pay for college. Tracking down these sources can be well worth the effort. High school students should check with their guidance office for information on local scholarships. Please note that information on legitimate scholarships is free. Students can also visit the following sites for information.

Students who receive only non-need-based financial aid will only have their awards reduced if the total aid exceeds the cost of attendance. 

Scholarships students receive from private sources must be included in their financial aid package and may reduce the amount of financial aid already offered. If need-based financial aid is part of a financial aid package, the total award, including the private scholarship, cannot exceed the student’s "federal need."

If the addition of a private scholarship causes a student’s total financial aid to exceed his or her "federal need," the financial aid package will be reduced in the following order: Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Stafford Loan. The Federal Stafford Loan will not be reduced to less than $2,000. If the package still exceeds the student’s "federal need," the McDaniel Grant, if any, will be reduced by the amount needed to keep the total aid within "federal need." Students who receive private scholarships are encouraged to call the Financial Aid Office to determine how their individual financial aid awards will be affected.

Students who receive only non-need-based financial aid will only have their awards reduced if the total aid exceeds the cost of attendance.

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