Dr. Molly Jacobs

Dr. Molly Jacobs

Research Interests

Welcome to the Jacobs Lab at McDaniel College! I’m fascinated by the life histories of marine organisms, and particularly the ecology and development of marine invertebrate larvae. My work is driven by questions such as: How do larvae vary within and between species and populations? What are the consequences of those differences? Does larval behavior vary predictably within and between populations? In my lab, we address these questions using larvae of diverse organisms such as ascidians (sea squirts), lobsters, and more!

My summer research students usually come with me to a field station (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution or Friday Harbor Laboratories) for an intensive research experience; I also occasionally take on smaller lab-based student projects during the year. I encourage interested students to contact me directly.

Courses Taught

  • Marine Biology
  • Invertebrate Zoology
  • Larval Biology
  • Experimental Design
  • Principles of Biology
  • Recent Student Projects

Meredith Meyers (McDaniel College): Vertical Positioning Behavior in Larvae of the Lobster Homarus americanus

Emily Fair (McDaniel College): A Comparative Study of Invertebrate Communities Living Within Sponges From Indian River, DE

Miles Borgen (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution): Ontogenetic Changes in Small-Scale Hydrodynamics of Larval Lobster Swimming

Katherine Bianchi (Falmouth Academy): Do Juvenile Lobsters Learn the Locations of Shelters?

Skylar Bayer (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution): Effect of Larval and Postlarval Experience on Settlement and Shelter-Seeking Behaviors in the Lobster Homarus americanus.

Katherine Bianchi (Falmouth Academy): High Speed Video of Larval Lobster Escape Responses

Nida Shuttari (Boston University): Characterization of Swimming, Crawling, and Sheltering Behaviors during Postlarval Period of the Lobster Homarus americanus.

Vanessa Rubin (Brown University): Response of larval and postlarval lobsters to light and odor

Katherine Bianchi (Falmouth Academy): Response of postlarval and juvenile lobsters to sound

Jennifer Urban (University of Connecticut): Recovery of alkylphenolic contaminants from the hemolymph and tissues of the lobster Homarus americanus

Rumla Rizvi (University of Connecticut): Alklphenol contamination levels in food of the lobster Homarus americanus

Brad Dickerson (Swarthmore College): Delay of Metamorphosis in the Solitary Ascidians Boltenia villosa and Corella inflata


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