Popular Romance Fiction

Come join us for Popular Romance Fiction, a 4-credit, undergraduate (sophomore/junior level) literature course offered by McDaniel College.  July 8 through August 9, 2013.


It’s online.  Anyone with an internet connection can take this course.


It’s asynchronous.  In other words, you sign onto the course when your schedule permits.  You will never be required to be in front of your computer at any set time in order to attend class.  You attend class on your schedule, because the course is available on the College’s Blackboard server 24/7.


Dr. Kathleen Miller (kmiller@mcdaniel.edu), specialist in nineteenth-century British lit, the gothic, disability studies, and romance fiction.

Course description:

Popular Romance Fiction will be an investigation of the most popular form of fiction in the western world:  the romance novel.  Readings begin with the advent of the modern form of the romance novel in England in 1740, but are drawn mostly from the nineteenth-through-twenty-first century romance novel.

We will be reading the following romances:

  • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
  • Boomerang Bride, Fiona Lowe
  • Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
  • Jane, April Linder
  • Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris
  • Fingersmith, Sarah Waters
  • Silver Linings Playbook, Matthew Quick

Students will explore the popularity of romance fiction, and consider its depiction of courtship and sexuality through a variety of critical approaches including formalist, feminist, and gender studies. Assignments will include regular contributions to the course’s discussion board, an active presence on social media related to the romance writer/reader community, short writing assignments, an argumentative essay, and a web portfolio.

To register:

Drop Pam Regis an email pregis@mcdaniel.edu and she will email you the brief enrollment form and instructions.  You do not have to be admitted to McDaniel College through our regular admissions process in order to take this course.


$1570 to take ENG 2272-OL Popular Romance Fiction for 4 credits. $785 to audit.

Enrollment deadline:  July 1, 2013

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