Pre-law Resources

Advising On The Hill - A Message From Dr. Chaz Neal

The information contained here is designed to prepare McDaniel College Students for the application process and preparing for the LSAT examination. The information is therefore specific. If you are not a student at McDaniel College, please contact the prelaw advisor at your college or university. If you graduated from McDaniel more than two years ago please email me and update your McDaniel files.

The first thing the rest of you need to do is to be introspective. Ask yourself several related questions. Why do you want to be a lawyer? Do you have certain preconceived expectations about getting into and then actually going to law school, about passing the bar examination and, after all that, about actually practicing law? Do you intend to practice law or do you think that the training will be handy in another field, like business?

Do you expect to use the law for some public purpose, for example, going into politics or to improve the environment? Do you want to perform some publicly useful enterprise to make our community a better place to live?

These questions designed to stimulate an examination of your desires, expectations, and intentions. Be practical in your introspection, although you shouldn't set aside your ideals, either.

You may not be at the point where you can address these questions. Yet they are important, and you ought to keep them in mind as the law school application process grows closer. It is important for you to talk to the McDaniel College prelaw advisor, your fellow students, law students, lawyers, and anyone you think might be helpful. When you feel you are ready, make your decision move with the vigor, certainty, and intelligence that your decision is founded upon a strong emotional and intellectual base.

Finally, by the time you get your JD, you will have invested three years of your life, four if you count the application process and plenty of tuition money.  We’re here to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision and that, once you’ve made the decision to apply, your application is the best it can be.

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