Upcoming Productions

Spring 2017


Student Directed Play Festival poster
“Impromptu” by Tad Mosel, directed by Brandi Weyers
“The Actor’s Nightmare” by Christopher Durang, directed by Brandon Richards

In Tad Mosel’s “Impromptu,” four actors sit on a darkened stage, awaiting the arrival of the stage manager who has called them together. Lacking his authoritative presence, they are merely characters in search of a play to become part of, for their own personalities seem unformed and shallow next to the full-blooded figures they are used to playing. As they wait, the stage lights come up—but still no one appears to tell them what they are to do. They know only that they are not to leave the stage until they have “acted out the play.“ Suddenly becoming aware that an audience is present, the actors decide to improvise, an idea which finds them slightly flustered. The “drama“ which unfolds is a mixture of truth, fantasy and well-rehearsed situations, but out of it, in subtle progression, comes a deepening awareness of the real people behind the theatrical facades. Senior Theatre Arts major Brandi Weyers directs the play.

In his manic comedy “The Actor’s Nightmare,” Tony Award-winning playwright Christopher Durang explores every performer’s worst fear. Having casually wandered onstage, George is informed that one of the actors, has been in an auto accident and he must replace him immediately. Apparently no one is sure of what play is being performed but George, costumed as Hamlet, seems to find himself in the middle of a scene from Private Lives. As he fumbles through one missed cue after another the other actors shift to Hamlet, then a play by Samuel Beckett, and then a climactic scene from what might well be A Man for All Seasons—by which time the disconcerted George has lost all sense of contact with his fellow performers. Yet, in the closing moments of the play, he rises to the occasion and finally says the right lines, whereupon make-believe suddenly gives way to a surreal scene that sends George into oblivion—denying him a well-earned curtain call. “The Actor’s Nightmare” is directed by junior Brandon Richards.

March 1 through March 4 at 7:30 p.m. | WMC Alumni Hall
$7 for adults and $5 for seniors, students, military, and the McDaniel College community
Box Office: 410-857-2448


Devised Theatre: In Order to Form A MORE PERFECT UNION poster
developed by McDaniel’s Devised Theatre Class
directed by Gené Fouché

This performance is the world-premiere of an original ensemble-devised work utilizing various methods of storytelling. The exciting and experimental effort will be entirely shaped by McDaniel students under the guidance of lecturer Gené Fouché.

The Devised Theatre course is a collaborative, group-oriented approach to theatre making. During this course, students develop a unique piece using various creation techniques, including composition, viewpoints, improvisation, found text, adaptation and group writing.

April 12 through April 15 at 7:30 p.m. | WMC Alumni Hall
Free and Open to the Public
Box Office: 410-857-2448

Past Production of 2017


12 Steps poster
A One-Man Show Written and Performed by Richard Sautter

In “12 Steps,” Writer/Actor Richard Sautter uses humor and sharp observation skills to examine the conflicted feelings that most performing artists have about their careers. After more than two decades in the punishing world of show business, Sautter has decided that the theatre is an addiction rather than a profession, so he puts himself through the 12 Steps of addiction recovery, making a show out of his quest to quit doing shows. “To me,” Sautter says, “theatre at its best asks difficult questions while making people laugh. That’s exactly what this piece was created to do.”

“12 Steps” had its world premiere at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC and earned glowing reviews. For his work on the show, Sautter received a Faculty Creativity Award from McDaniel College in August. The performance runs approximately fifty minutes and is suggested for ages 14 and older. Sautter will host an in informal question-and-answer session following the performance.

Saturday, February 11 at 7:30 p.m. | WMC Alumni Hall
Free and Open to the Public
Box Office: 410-857-2448