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Xianliang (Peter) Chen, Adjunct Lecturer, History


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Classical Jiangnan

January 1-14, 2014

Jiangnan: Wuhu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huizhou, and Nanjing. Jiangnan, literarily means “the south of Yangzi River” and geographically centered around today’s Shanghai, has been one of cultural cores in China since the 13th century.

(Dates are flexible within three days variation)

Course Description

Historian Pomeranz compares the region in China to England in Europe since both have became highly developed economic regions and formed a distinctive regional culture on both sides of Eurasia since the 18th century. We will travel to the region in January 2014 and visit gardens, folk arts (e.g. iron pictures) workshops/markets, and mountains/rivers/lakes/ that feature the regional culture. Locations to be included are Shanghai, Nanjing Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhu, and Huizhou (Yellow Mountain). Students will keep daily journals and amass a portfolio of Jiangnan-based photos and journals about Jiangnan. These journals and photos will result in a campus-wide show.

Credits: 2

McDaniel Students conducting street interviews.
McDaniel Students conducting street interviews.



  1. The fees cover international airfare, visa fees, insurance, transportation fees, the language and culture courses at Chinese colleges and universities, visits to Wuhu Iron Painting Workshops, Nanjing Ming-dynasty city wall, Suzhou gardens, Hangzhou West Lake, Huizhou Traditional Residence, three days at Shanghai (including meals, hotel, and tickets), activity fees, and pickup at Shanghai International Airport.
  2. Tips, international calls, laundry fees, personal expenses such as extra luggage fees, beverage, etc. are NOT included.
  3. The fees might be subject to the changes of foreign currency exchange rates.

2011 Jan Term trip to China


This trip will be capped at 20 participants.  To hold a place in the program, students should submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 to the Bursar’s Office at McDaniel College as soon as possible—those first deposited are given preference. The $500 deposit will go toward the program Comprehensive Free.  Final admittance will be indicated within one week following a review of student records.

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1: BWI to Shanghai to Suzhou (the hometown of Chinese gardens),

Day 2: Suzhou, visit gardens, silk factory, Grand Canal built in the 6th century, and cultural events.

Day 3:  Nanjing (a six-time ancient capital of China), visit the Ming Dynasty city wall, the Qianhuai River, and Nanjing Museum
Reflection on Suzhou Gardens and Nanjing City Wall

Day 4:  Wuhu (the hometown of iron painting), study Chinese painting/calligraphy, make friends with local college students; cultural events at Wuhu Culture Center (learn to sing The Song of Mulan, local drama, paper cutting, folk dance, etc.)

Day 5: Visit Wuhu Iron Painting Museum and Wuhu City Museum; other cultural events Study Chinese folk music; visit Mirror Lake, Long Wall Market; cultural events with local community and college students. 

Day 6: Visit Wuhu iron painting workshops; hammering iron painting; visit local churches and hospitals built by missionaries in the 19th century, etc.

Day 7: Teach English at a Wuhu high school; visit Ming-Qing style temples and Pagodas at Wuhu, traditional teahouses, and gourmet streets in the downtown Wuhu.
Reflection on Cultural Experience at Wuhu

Day 8: Huizhou (the hometown of Southern Anhui Painting School and ink stone). Visit Yellow Mountain (which inspired the Southern Anhui Painting School), and then late to Tunxi: downtown of Yellow Mountain and enjoy an ancient city in modern and contemporary China. 

Yellow Mountain
Yellow Mountain

Day 9: Huizhou, in the morning visit the ink-stick factory to learn the traditional way of making ink-stick and Chinese Calligraphy, then bus ride to the Ming Village—Chengkan to enjoy the typical Hui architecture and authentic rural village, after lunch, bus ride to Hangzhou to visit West Lake and enjoy the show “the Impression over West Lake”, stay over Hangzhou.

Day 10: Hangzhou (the ancient capital of China), West Lake, Leifeng Tower, Broken Bridge, Jing Yong Martial Arts Tea House, West Lake Impression Show, and Buddhist Temple, etc.

Day 11: Shanghai (where modern China starts)- Oriental Pearl Tower, Bund, People’s Square, City God Temple, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, etc.

Day 12: Study Chinese Ethnic Sports and Chinese Philosophy of Wellness (taiji/qigong; lion dance, etc.)

Day 13: Study Ming-Qing Jiangnan Culture at Fudan University. Reflection on Hangzhou, Huizhou, and Shanghai tours.

Day 14: Shanghai to BWI


1. their participation in the program is not final until Student Affairs and the faculty leader have approved their participation (see below under ‘Health, Safety and Security’);

2. early deposits (i.e., those submitted before registration) will be refunded in full if the program is not offered, if they choose not to register for the program during the Registration period, or if Student Affairs and/or the faculty leader does not approve their participation.

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