Zimbabwe: From the Ground Up

Are you interested in learning more about Africa? Consider traveling to Zimbabwe to learn about the perseverance and tenacity of a people with ancient roots, while working side-by-side with students from Africa University.

Some of the Many Sites you will see.

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Course description

The country of Zimbabwe is home to both one of the most important ancient civilizations -
Great Zimbabwe - and the site of the most brutal forms of colonization. Today, the country suffers from ineffective government and economic ruin, but the people and culture of Zimbabwe seem to be invincible, continuing to work toward a brighter future. Students will be expected to attend the pre-trip orientation sessions  and complete readings on Zimbabwe’s ancient and contemporary history.

The group will be based at Africa University in Old Mutare, with which McDaniel has a partnership.
Several service projects will be completed with AU students. These will be at a local orphanage, a
hospital and several local schools. It is possible that the students involved will participate in fund-raising activities prior to travel to raise funds for malaria nets, school supplies and textbooks. In addition to working on service projects, the group will travel to either Great Zimbabwe or Victoria Falls to bring the trip to its conclusion.  A final reflection paper will be expected after the return to McDaniel’s campus.

Anticipated expenses of $3500 (Please do not let the cost prevent you from seeking additional information about this trip.)

To indicate interest in the trip or for inquiries, please contact Dr. Debora Johnson-Ross or Dr. Mona Kerby. And then, apply for a passport, if you don’t have one yet.

Additional information about the trip may be found on the blog for the inaugural McDaniel trip to Zimbabwe.