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Alumni Hall

Strategic Pillars

Enhancing and marketing the centrality of the academic experience
  • fully implementing the McDaniel Commitment
  • developing programs that enhance the GPS portfolio
  • fully building new majors and programs
  • increasing alumni engagement
  • highlighting value-added components even in a virtual world
  • recruiting in a COVID environment
Financial viability/vitality in a turbulent world
  • insuring cash flow
  • crafting austerity measures that do not cripple the core educational enterprise
  • securing capital through TRB, fundraising, and credit
  • synthesizing and integrating work functions to emerge as a leaner organization
Equity and inclusion
  • addressing the new realities of a diverse student body
  • building support structures and role models to sustain them
  • developing a comprehensive and measurable DEI strategic plan under the guidance of our three DEI advisory groups
  • building a culture of agility
  • implementing hyflex pedagogy across the faculty
  • addressing housing concerns
Safety as job one
  • accommodating the new realities
  • redesigning space
  • maintaining and cleaning facilities
  • managing housing and campus life under social distancing
Auxiliary revenue
  • leveraging institutional expertise
  • integrating WMC Development
Caring for the community
  • insuring the well-being of faculty and staff
  • retaining students
  • fully realizing “culture eats strategy for breakfast”
Long-range planning
  • What size
  • What discount
  • What mix of programs